Mar 19 2015

3 Weeks Post Op- New Dr.

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Well I got good news with my 3 week post op appointment with my new NJ OS. As I had hoped her protocol was much more in line with what I had hoped. She removed my cast :) and checked my incision. All looked good with the incision. She put me in a boot with 2 wedges so she is slowly moving my foot down. I have one more week of non weight bearing. During week 4 -I can start PWB with2 crutches and eventually move to 1 crutch as I can tolerate. She will recheck me at week 6, get me to 1 wedge and then start PT at that point. Much better news than 8 weeks in a cast. I am experiencing a little pain but assume that is to be expected with the change in the foot angle. I just took an Aleve. The boot feels a little heavy and feels like it is tugging on my achilles a little bit. She said I should keep the boot on at all times but can remove for shower and loosen just a tad when I am sleeping. Any advice from others during this stage?

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Feb 27 2015

Just had surgery- hope that was the right decision

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Hello thanks for letting me share my story and also look forward to learning from others that are further along in the process.

On 2/19- I was playing a fun game of one on one basketball- forgetting that my college basketball career was over 30 years ago and heard that horrible pop. Actually went up for a jump shot- saw a white light as my achilles ruptured- feeling like someone else had come into the gym and threw a ball at me and took me down. I knew right away that I ruptured my achilles. Since I was at LA Fitness in Florida when it happened an ambulance was called.

In ER - X-ray and MRI done- confirming a total rupture. When being discharged they told me I would definitely need surgery.

Saw an ortho surgeon same day - and actually he did not recommend surgery and explained to me the non surgical approach using boot, wedges, and physical therapy. I was pretty happy to hear that I would not need surgery, though I really was not educated in this injury and what the options were. Basically the doctor said I would have the same outcome without all of the risks of surgery.

I did all of the regular internet searches when I got home and then also found this blog/ site which was very helpful.

Of course I needed a second opinion and ortho surgeon # 2 recommended surgery- since I am 51, very active including golf, yoga, moderate cardio, etc. He felt that would give me the best outcome since I was very healthy and would be a good candidate for surgery.

Now I was really confused and continued to research and ask people what I should do. (Doctors, friends, others with same injury, etc)

I did go for third opinion with one last ortho surgeon and he came down on the side of surgery.

The deciding factor for me to go with surgical approach is that this last doctor didn’t understand how a non surgical approach with boot, wedges, pt, etc. would work if my knee was not going to be immobilized as well. He said if he went non surgical he would have to put me in a full leg cast.

So I had surgery yesterday and am in some type of half leg cast. After I had surgery he told me I made the right decision as my tendon was pretty far apart.

I am now one day after surgery. Left with antibiotics, pain meds, and also visiting nurse for the next two days. She needs to give me strong anti inflammatory shot twice a day for next two days. The pain med was getting me a little nauseous so she also gave me an anti nausea suppository which helped quite a bit. So right now I am doing pretty good - leg elevated and on ice and no real pain, just mild discomfort.

I will see surgeon in one week to check surgical site. He seems somewhat conservative and wants me in cast for 8 weeks- though I have seen a lot of folks on this blog and research suggesting getting moving sooner vs later. I would like to discuss this approach with my doctor when I see him next week - so if anyone has a proven protocol or a study for more aggressive therapy that I could share with my doctor- please let me know.

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