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Jun 22 2015

Golf- I am back!

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Just shy of 17 weeks- I played my first round of golf. I did remarkably well - shot a 96. I was a little tentative at first, but felt better and more comfortable as the round went on. Distance was a little less, but that is ok. I played in my Teva sports sandals, as golf shoes or sneakers still press on my foot/ heel and are uncomfortable. For those that are hoping to get back to golf- just wanted to provide a little good news.

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Jun 17 2015

16 weeks- scar tissue

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Just wanted to check in and provide you with my 4 month post op report. Remembering the early days after the injury where time seemed to stand still to today where I no longer count the days, hours, or minutes to my next Doctor’s appointment or milestone. I am grateful for where I am, and not forgetting when some of life’s basic functions were out of reach. Overall I have had a good recovery, though some minor, and probably somewhat normal issues along the way.

- The bottom part of my incision still has a slight scab on it, though the rest of the incision has healed normally.

- I have returned to my outdoor walks and can walk about 3 miles, and have gotten my one mile split down to about 19 minutes.

- I still do have a slight hitch when I walk and PT thinks it has more to do with scar tissue than my ROM. I agree, as I can feel discomfort/ tightness/adhesions in my outer ankle/ achilles/ heel area. Funny though, when he tells me to walk as fast as I can, the hitch goes away.

- PT continues and I am continuing with all of the typical therapies, stretches and heel drops and toe raises. I haven’t tried a single toe raise yet, though don’t feel I am quite ready for it yet.

- Calf size is about one inch smaller on the injured size, though thinking that isn’t too bad. I have pretty muscular legs anyway.

- I can swing a golf club and can now get off my injured side (back foot). I expect to hit golf balls next week and will try to play soon if everything feels ok :)
I guess my biggest concern and discomfort is with the scar tissue and discomfort/tightness that I am feeling. I am planning on adding massage therapy to supplement my PT, to help with the scar tissue. I am interested in hearing what others have done to help break up the scar tissue and how long it takes to resolve this issue or anything else I should be doing?

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