May 20 2015

12 weeks, 2miles, and is a bursa just part of the healing process?

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I am right at 12 weeks and I guess over the major threat of re-tear. I am in two shoes full time, though the most comfortable shoes for me right now are sandals. I am 9 degrees past neutral- which I hope is not too much. PT seems happy with where I am. I have gotten my walking up to 2 miles- and my split today was just under 22 minutes per mile. Still walking with a limp/hitch. The only thing really bothering me is on the outside of my ankle and a little above my foot on the side. It is swollen and painful. The PT called it a bursa- is this something I should be concerned about or is this just part of the normal healing process? He really did a deep massage in that area today and it seemed to help, though a little painful as he worked on it. We added calf stretches against the wall today and did my first heel drops on the total gym. Everything felt fine and I feel my progress is on track.

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  1. Stuarton 21 May 2015 at 2:17 am

    I do remember something similar and it went away in time. Hard to know if it was the same though. Keep working on that limp or should I say getting rid of it. I also recall 17 degrees being the optimum for running so you are a bit over half way to that. I know you are not metric but when you put your knee to the wall and measure how far back your foot is from it then 10cm (about 4 inches) is a good indicator of where you should be aiming for. You are doing well and getting past 12 weeks takes a bit of pressure off but you still need to be careful. Eccentric drops will also help.