May 15 2015

11 weeks and a one mile walk

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I celebrated my 11 week post op milestone by removing my boot and going for a 1 mile walk yesterday. It took me 30 minutes and was somewhat slow, however, it was also a great feeling to get back out there. I plan to track my progress on the MapMyWalk App. It tracks distance and time. I also plan to add a 1/4 mile each day to see how far I can go. I did not want to push it the first day- and since it caused no pain and no more swelling than usual- I think I am ok. PT continues and it feels like I am ready to take it to the next level. I do have some calf atrophy, though at the same time it looks like my muscle tone and size is coming back pretty quickly. I have done a lot of stationary biking and seated elliptical during my recovery with the boot on ( though for the last week doing without the boot) so I think that helped. Overall I feel like I am doing ok and look forward to getting over that 12 week threshold. Thanks everyone for your support over the first 3 months. I couldn’t have done it without you :)

3 Responses to “11 weeks and a one mile walk”

  1. glenskieuson 15 May 2015 at 7:33 am

    Good to hear that you are doing well Lindaf.. Enjoy :)

  2. donnaon 15 May 2015 at 8:50 am

    Big smile for you Linda. You are right on track. One mile in 30 min. is very good, adding a 1/4 mile each day is ambitious. When I first increase distance, other than what I call “pain at the repair site” ,I also get fatigue and soreness in the ankle and legs because the other muscles will compensate for the weak calf & they fatigue faster than the calf would. I also have a issue you don’t have which is muscle cramps/tightness due so you may not experience that fatigue like I do. However, I still get in more walking by breaking it up into two or three periods of walking. A good rest in-between walking periods can do wonders. I also have one place I walk where I can stop every 1/4 mile at a bench to stretch really good if it’s a “bad day”, and that helps in being able to continue with the walk. Recording your steps/time is a good way to note progress. I also use the treadmill to challenge myself on increasing my walking speed.

    I have not been able to go “off trail” hiking on uneven surfaces or up and down rocky hills because I haven’t had proper shoes until yesterday. I finally found a pair of “sketchers” with no back and no lip that seem to have good enough support that I can wear for distance without sensitivity pain. I am going to try them out today on a beloved carriage road hike I haven’t been able to do for almost 7 months. I am so excited! I loved the new balance I tried out but the lip in the heel was to deep for my sensitive foot. I’m glad they are working for you! I’ve had great improvement in my ability to walk faster and longer, I had a mistaken belief that going into my 28th week I’d be at my pre-walking distances/speeds and I am not, hence “plateau”. But I think with the current program I’m on I will move past it in the next month or so. Best of luck walking!

  3. rtippetton 16 May 2015 at 10:36 pm

    Keep up the good work Linda! I am new here and have been looking over everyone’s experience with AT issues. So far it seems that my treatment plan is a bit more aggressive than most that I have seen. I am 6 weeks from injury today and 3 days from being 5 weeks post op. I was soft cast for 2 weeks until the sutures came out and then 2 weeks hard cast which came off Wednesday. OP put me in a boot and said walk. The first 24 hours were wobbly and I kept a crutch with me. Today I went to various places shopping with no issues walking but my ankle area is very sore now. My ROM is very good with no weight. I start PT Tuesday. The OP said that I should be in 2 shoes at 8 weeks post op. We will see. I have to be able to go back to work no later than 11 weeks post op. I am optimistic but I am also cautious because I do not want to risk recurrence. I am a runner and would like to be able to do that again when the time is right.