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Apr 11 2015

6 weeks post op/ PT/ Vacation concern

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Met with OS on Thursday for 6 week post op visit. All was fine- went from 2 wedges to 1 wedge in boot but must continue sleeping in boot. Incision was healing nicely. He gave me first PT referral for six weeks 3 times per week. I will return to see OS in 3 weeks to check progress- and assume removing the last wedge.

Had my first PT visit yesterday- all was good there as well. He said repair looked strong and I have good muscle tone in my legs so he feels that I will have a positive outcome. Now first order of business is to work on ROM and breaking up scar tissue. I really don’t know all the official names of the first few procedures but they all felt great- laser treatment for incision, moist heat, massage, electrodes to stimulate blood flow, ice ,etc. nothing hurt. Then we moved to ROM exercises including towel stretch, pressing foot forward on gas pedal, and writing alphabet with big toe. Definitely felt a little pull/ stretch on the achilles- but nothing too much. I am assigned these exercises 3 times a day. I asked about stationary bike- he said not yet- though I told him I had been already doing since week 5 for 20 - 30 minutes in boot without a problem - so he then said ok.

He felt that I would probably be in boot for another 6 weeks. Sounds kind of long based on others getting into shoes a little sooner- but at the same time not unreasonable. I will see how I progress and perhaps we can move that timeline up if he sees I am doing well. Good news is that gets me out of boot before Memorial Day Weekend - which is our unofficial start of summer here in NJ.

My one concern is showering when on vacation. I have shower chair at home, but can’t bring to St. Martin. I shower without boot- any thoughts or suggestions? I leave 4/18.

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Apr 03 2015

5 weeks post op and 1 question

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I am doing really well. Went to the gym for the first time today. Did the stationary bike for 20 minutes- no problem- could have easily gone longer but didn’t want to push it too much. Also continued with my upper body and core workout from seated position which I have been doing since week 2. I am PWB with 1 crutch and have tried FWB and seems like I can do with no pain, but just staying within doctors orders of PWB until I see OS at week 6.

Donna- you mentioned in another post to make sure to push with shin in boot and not ankle. I am trying to step on heel, so I think that is the same thing as leading with the shin- but just want to make sure. I have been blessed with strong legs and calves so I feel that will help my recovery- but just want to make sure I am walking correctly in the boot so my tendon heals strong. I don’t start PT until 4/10- so just wanted to make sure I am walking correctly until I see OS and PT.

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