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Mar 31 2015

Ahead of goal/ compression stockings?

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Within 2 days of PWB I was able to go from 2 crutches to 1 crutch. No pain, no problem. Noticing a lot more swelling in toes and feet now. I am thinking I should probably get compression stockings as I really did not have swelling until now? My OS never suggested them- so I need to find out what type you suggest and do you wear them all the time or only at certain times under boot. I am almost 5 weeks post op. I don’t see OS until 4/9. Her instructions said PWB as tolerated - should I try FWB or just wait until I see her next week. She is also removing 2 wedges to 1 wedge in my boot at that time. Will that impact my PWB/ FWB ie do you typically have to go back to two crutches until you adjust to the 1 wedge?

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Mar 27 2015

4 weeks and PWB

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Made the transition from NWB to PWB yesterday with 2 crutches. The achilles/ foot felt fine. No pain. As I wake up this morning I feel more discomfort in my hands and upper body from using crutches yesterday, as I had been on the knee scooter during NWB. I will certainly be looking into gloves for my hands/ or some type of cushion for my crutch handles today. Also my EVEN UP came yesterday so will make sure I will start using on my non injured foot as well. My heel is still a little tender in my boot- so may look into a heel gel pad for a bit of extra cushioning. We will see how today goes. It seems like the knee scooter is a little easier when I need to be carrying things so I guess I will be going back and forth between the two until I can get to the point of 1 crutch or cane. I am hoping to progress quickly but I know I will need to listen to my body and see how I feel.

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Mar 22 2015

Incision feels irritated by boot- suggestions?

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All day yesterday foot feel great. It seemed that my foot adjusted to the two wedges in the boot and was firmly and comfortably in the new position. However in the middle of night lower part of incision started to hurt like boot was rubbing/ irritating it.. I took off boot and had just a tad of dried blood on toeless sock doctor had put to pad my incision from boot and perhaps a little redness / swelling in that part of the incision area. I took some Advil and slept the rest of the night no boot or sock just trying to get relief. The OS wants boot on at all times to keep foot at proper angle- what would anyone suggest? I am icing/ elevating right now to try to get some relief. I am about 3-1/2 weeks post op still NWB until week 4. Is it better to keep foot aired out or force myself back into the boot.

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Mar 19 2015

3 Weeks Post Op- New Dr.

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Well I got good news with my 3 week post op appointment with my new NJ OS. As I had hoped her protocol was much more in line with what I had hoped. She removed my cast :) and checked my incision. All looked good with the incision. She put me in a boot with 2 wedges so she is slowly moving my foot down. I have one more week of non weight bearing. During week 4 -I can start PWB with2 crutches and eventually move to 1 crutch as I can tolerate. She will recheck me at week 6, get me to 1 wedge and then start PT at that point. Much better news than 8 weeks in a cast. I am experiencing a little pain but assume that is to be expected with the change in the foot angle. I just took an Aleve. The boot feels a little heavy and feels like it is tugging on my achilles a little bit. She said I should keep the boot on at all times but can remove for shower and loosen just a tad when I am sleeping. Any advice from others during this stage?

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