Jun 22 2015

Golf- I am back!

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Just shy of 17 weeks- I played my first round of golf. I did remarkably well - shot a 96. I was a little tentative at first, but felt better and more comfortable as the round went on. Distance was a little less, but that is ok. I played in my Teva sports sandals, as golf shoes or sneakers still press on my foot/ heel and are uncomfortable. For those that are hoping to get back to golf- just wanted to provide a little good news.

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Jun 17 2015

16 weeks- scar tissue

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Just wanted to check in and provide you with my 4 month post op report. Remembering the early days after the injury where time seemed to stand still to today where I no longer count the days, hours, or minutes to my next Doctor’s appointment or milestone. I am grateful for where I am, and not forgetting when some of life’s basic functions were out of reach. Overall I have had a good recovery, though some minor, and probably somewhat normal issues along the way.

- The bottom part of my incision still has a slight scab on it, though the rest of the incision has healed normally.

- I have returned to my outdoor walks and can walk about 3 miles, and have gotten my one mile split down to about 19 minutes.

- I still do have a slight hitch when I walk and PT thinks it has more to do with scar tissue than my ROM. I agree, as I can feel discomfort/ tightness/adhesions in my outer ankle/ achilles/ heel area. Funny though, when he tells me to walk as fast as I can, the hitch goes away.

- PT continues and I am continuing with all of the typical therapies, stretches and heel drops and toe raises. I haven’t tried a single toe raise yet, though don’t feel I am quite ready for it yet.

- Calf size is about one inch smaller on the injured size, though thinking that isn’t too bad. I have pretty muscular legs anyway.

- I can swing a golf club and can now get off my injured side (back foot). I expect to hit golf balls next week and will try to play soon if everything feels ok :)
I guess my biggest concern and discomfort is with the scar tissue and discomfort/tightness that I am feeling. I am planning on adding massage therapy to supplement my PT, to help with the scar tissue. I am interested in hearing what others have done to help break up the scar tissue and how long it takes to resolve this issue or anything else I should be doing?

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May 20 2015

12 weeks, 2miles, and is a bursa just part of the healing process?

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I am right at 12 weeks and I guess over the major threat of re-tear. I am in two shoes full time, though the most comfortable shoes for me right now are sandals. I am 9 degrees past neutral- which I hope is not too much. PT seems happy with where I am. I have gotten my walking up to 2 miles- and my split today was just under 22 minutes per mile. Still walking with a limp/hitch. The only thing really bothering me is on the outside of my ankle and a little above my foot on the side. It is swollen and painful. The PT called it a bursa- is this something I should be concerned about or is this just part of the normal healing process? He really did a deep massage in that area today and it seemed to help, though a little painful as he worked on it. We added calf stretches against the wall today and did my first heel drops on the total gym. Everything felt fine and I feel my progress is on track.

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May 15 2015

11 weeks and a one mile walk

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I celebrated my 11 week post op milestone by removing my boot and going for a 1 mile walk yesterday. It took me 30 minutes and was somewhat slow, however, it was also a great feeling to get back out there. I plan to track my progress on the MapMyWalk App. It tracks distance and time. I also plan to add a 1/4 mile each day to see how far I can go. I did not want to push it the first day- and since it caused no pain and no more swelling than usual- I think I am ok. PT continues and it feels like I am ready to take it to the next level. I do have some calf atrophy, though at the same time it looks like my muscle tone and size is coming back pretty quickly. I have done a lot of stationary biking and seated elliptical during my recovery with the boot on ( though for the last week doing without the boot) so I think that helped. Overall I feel like I am doing ok and look forward to getting over that 12 week threshold. Thanks everyone for your support over the first 3 months. I couldn’t have done it without you :)

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May 01 2015

9 weeks- two shoes- difference of opinion?

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I saw the PA at OS office today. He said everything looked good and gave me the go ahead for two shoes, as my last wedge was removed from boot on Wednesday and my foot is easily at neutral. However, when I saw PT on Wednesday, he said I would be in boot for another 3 weeks, though he told me my foot was about 2 degrees beyond neutral. I told PA that my PT said I would be in boot for another 3 weeks- which the PA thought was very conservative and not required. So who knows best the PT or PA at the OS office? We kind of settled on two shoes in the house and boot outside. I asked PA if I needed boot on steps in house and he said no. Not sure if I am ready for stairs without boot or not?

Anyway I tried two shoes when I got home and it felt ok. Obviously limping and tentative but no pain. I then tried just walking in my bare feet and everything also felt fine.

One thing for sure- I am sleeping without my boot for first time tonight and showering standing for the first time in 9 weeks. Progress and happy :)

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Apr 11 2015

6 weeks post op/ PT/ Vacation concern

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Met with OS on Thursday for 6 week post op visit. All was fine- went from 2 wedges to 1 wedge in boot but must continue sleeping in boot. Incision was healing nicely. He gave me first PT referral for six weeks 3 times per week. I will return to see OS in 3 weeks to check progress- and assume removing the last wedge.

Had my first PT visit yesterday- all was good there as well. He said repair looked strong and I have good muscle tone in my legs so he feels that I will have a positive outcome. Now first order of business is to work on ROM and breaking up scar tissue. I really don’t know all the official names of the first few procedures but they all felt great- laser treatment for incision, moist heat, massage, electrodes to stimulate blood flow, ice ,etc. nothing hurt. Then we moved to ROM exercises including towel stretch, pressing foot forward on gas pedal, and writing alphabet with big toe. Definitely felt a little pull/ stretch on the achilles- but nothing too much. I am assigned these exercises 3 times a day. I asked about stationary bike- he said not yet- though I told him I had been already doing since week 5 for 20 - 30 minutes in boot without a problem - so he then said ok.

He felt that I would probably be in boot for another 6 weeks. Sounds kind of long based on others getting into shoes a little sooner- but at the same time not unreasonable. I will see how I progress and perhaps we can move that timeline up if he sees I am doing well. Good news is that gets me out of boot before Memorial Day Weekend - which is our unofficial start of summer here in NJ.

My one concern is showering when on vacation. I have shower chair at home, but can’t bring to St. Martin. I shower without boot- any thoughts or suggestions? I leave 4/18.

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Apr 03 2015

5 weeks post op and 1 question

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I am doing really well. Went to the gym for the first time today. Did the stationary bike for 20 minutes- no problem- could have easily gone longer but didn’t want to push it too much. Also continued with my upper body and core workout from seated position which I have been doing since week 2. I am PWB with 1 crutch and have tried FWB and seems like I can do with no pain, but just staying within doctors orders of PWB until I see OS at week 6.

Donna- you mentioned in another post to make sure to push with shin in boot and not ankle. I am trying to step on heel, so I think that is the same thing as leading with the shin- but just want to make sure. I have been blessed with strong legs and calves so I feel that will help my recovery- but just want to make sure I am walking correctly in the boot so my tendon heals strong. I don’t start PT until 4/10- so just wanted to make sure I am walking correctly until I see OS and PT.

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Mar 31 2015

Ahead of goal/ compression stockings?

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Within 2 days of PWB I was able to go from 2 crutches to 1 crutch. No pain, no problem. Noticing a lot more swelling in toes and feet now. I am thinking I should probably get compression stockings as I really did not have swelling until now? My OS never suggested them- so I need to find out what type you suggest and do you wear them all the time or only at certain times under boot. I am almost 5 weeks post op. I don’t see OS until 4/9. Her instructions said PWB as tolerated - should I try FWB or just wait until I see her next week. She is also removing 2 wedges to 1 wedge in my boot at that time. Will that impact my PWB/ FWB ie do you typically have to go back to two crutches until you adjust to the 1 wedge?

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Mar 27 2015

4 weeks and PWB

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Made the transition from NWB to PWB yesterday with 2 crutches. The achilles/ foot felt fine. No pain. As I wake up this morning I feel more discomfort in my hands and upper body from using crutches yesterday, as I had been on the knee scooter during NWB. I will certainly be looking into gloves for my hands/ or some type of cushion for my crutch handles today. Also my EVEN UP came yesterday so will make sure I will start using on my non injured foot as well. My heel is still a little tender in my boot- so may look into a heel gel pad for a bit of extra cushioning. We will see how today goes. It seems like the knee scooter is a little easier when I need to be carrying things so I guess I will be going back and forth between the two until I can get to the point of 1 crutch or cane. I am hoping to progress quickly but I know I will need to listen to my body and see how I feel.

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Mar 22 2015

Incision feels irritated by boot- suggestions?

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All day yesterday foot feel great. It seemed that my foot adjusted to the two wedges in the boot and was firmly and comfortably in the new position. However in the middle of night lower part of incision started to hurt like boot was rubbing/ irritating it.. I took off boot and had just a tad of dried blood on toeless sock doctor had put to pad my incision from boot and perhaps a little redness / swelling in that part of the incision area. I took some Advil and slept the rest of the night no boot or sock just trying to get relief. The OS wants boot on at all times to keep foot at proper angle- what would anyone suggest? I am icing/ elevating right now to try to get some relief. I am about 3-1/2 weeks post op still NWB until week 4. Is it better to keep foot aired out or force myself back into the boot.

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