Almost at week 7 post-op!

Long overdue update here.  I find the more I progress in my recovery, the less I find the need to post… was sad when I realized that.  I remembered back to when I ruptured and the few weeks following, how much these update posts fueled and encouraged me to get through the dark days.  Oh how quickly I forget.

So here I am, forgive me for not updating more regularly.

Since my last post, things have progressed exponentially.  It’s been just over 3 weeks since my last doc appt and the slip up I experienced in my last post proved to be nothing more than a scare (thank God!).  During my last appt, the Doc told me to get rid of the Crutches at my 6 week post op mark (which was Monday 11/30) and start walking in the boot!  I knew that the impact of going NWB to FWB overnight would shock my system (and my foot), so I decided to use the Thanksgiving holiday to slowly get myself back on two feet.

It started on Wed 11/18.  After work, I decided to retire one crutch permanently.  Went out for some food and a couple drinks and successfully navigated with one crutch!  Can’t explain the sense of freedom I felt being able to manuver and have a free hand!  I spent the rest of the holiday weekend on one crutch….and began shuffling around my place barefooted with no crutch!  I made sure to listen to my body when I did this….and started with small slow shuffling steps.  There was little to no pain from this, so I freely began practicing on my own two feet!

Monday 11/30 was back to work!  It was my first day in the office without crutches….and it was great.  It was slightly uncomfortable hobbling around on the boot.  Most of the discomfort was in the hips and knee areas.  I believe this was due to the uneven height of the boot and my shoes.  I was scared (and still am) that the undue strain will cause some damage in the long run.

So it is now the end of my first full week FWB and so far the foot is holding up great!  I’m back to walking to and from work (0.5 miles each way) and barefoot walking at home (carefully I might add).  Yesterday night, I managed to walk 0.5 miles to get my haircut and then do about 2 hours of shopping!  My heel started screaming toward the end of the night, but the swelling was minimal by the time I got home.

Being at the 6.5 week post op mark, I am pleasantly surprising myself with my progress.  I still want to take it easy and listen to my body but the progress has been leaps and bounds the past two weeks.  A couple days ago, I checked my ROM on my injured foot……and to my suprise, I have full range of motion nearly identical to my good foot.  Even toes up!

I’m still doing my ROM exercises daily and am making sure to massage the tendon an incision area daily (doc directed).  I hope the progress continues and that I am back into 2-shoes soon!

I hope everybody is having a wonderful holiday season and that all your recoveries are going well.  Let’s keep reminding ourselves to not push it and to listen to our bodies.  While I’m extremely thankful for the past couple weeks, I am still constantly sobered by the risk of re-injury.

I have my 3rd post op appt next Wednesday and am hoping to report more good news then!

2 Responses to “Almost at week 7 post-op!”

  1. 1 maryk December 4, 2009 at 4:32 pm

    I’m sure it is natural to post less frequently once we are no longer held hostage on the couch by our ATR. Right now I check the blog pretty obsessively, because 1) what else am I gonna do? and 2) at my early stage of recovery I need the hope and encouragement I get from reading posts like yours. I am happy for your progress and hope I can be where you are at 7 weeks.

  2. 2 ultidad December 4, 2009 at 9:01 pm

    Walking to work…walking to haircut…you must live somewhere cool in Chicago. As a former Lincoln Park resident, I’m a bit jealous.

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