It’s been a while - Ethan’s update

Back in December of 2014, he had yet another surgery.  This time to staple the growth plates in both big toes because the outside part of the growth plate was growing faster than the inside.  They stapled the outside part to the lower bone to stop that growth and allow the inside part to catch [...]

2nd opinion - not what I thought. new course of action

The Doctor took x rays of Ethan’s lower section.  He suspects (from the x ray) that he has Talocalcaneal Coalition.  Where Talic bone and the Calcaneal bone are one bone insead of 2 bones. Thus 0 ROM from side to side.  We are now secheduled for an CT scan.

Day 1 of D-1 training and therapy

My son is 8 years old. I believe there is a difference in a person that plays sports and an athlete. Ethan proved yesterday that he wants to become an athlete. It’s one of the proudest moment (other than scholastically <– always #1) that I have been of him. THIS IS MY OPINION ONLY! A [...]

Physical Therapy consultation -

Ethan is in therapy
Right: He measured 2 degrees below neutral and with help 4 degrees above neutral. No strength in his muscles. He was able to achieve 20 reps of heel raises but struggled.
Left: He measured neurtal and with help 6 degrees above neutral. No strength in his muscles. [...]

Second Opinion & Cause for tightness 10 months after surgery

Ethan’s second opinion is set for June 18th to see if we are doing everything we possibly can for him. I have learned that his tightness may be caused by them not setting his ankles high enough after the surgery and when the tendons healed, they healed short.. Has anyone experienced this?

Went for checkup 10 months after initial surgery

Saw the PA today for Ethan’s update/checkup.  I had a bad feeling going into this appointment that it wasn’t going to be good.  Ethan has regressed since his last visit a few months ago.  He has lost about 1/2 of his flexibility on his left ankle and the PA could barely get him to neutral [...]

Ethan’s progress

This post is of my opinion and not confirmed by the Doctor (we see him in May). If we could cut Ethan in half, the left achilles tendon goes well past neutral and I fear that it has too much flexibility (or maybe that is the normal ROM), it grosses me out to flex  [...]

Final word from the PA…not hardly :(

Well, we went to the doctor to get the final verdict on whether the therapy worked.  If one leg could be released, the left one would be.   That stubborn right tendon is still tight.  The PA ordered 6 months of at home stretching at night and for Ethan to wear the shoe inserts for 6 more [...]

End of Therapy - mixed feelings

We have completed the 8 weeks of therapy and the results are in.  Please forgive my termology as I am not familiar with these “big” words.  His dorsiflexion went from +4 to +10 on his left and from a -6 to a +10 on his right.  His plantar flexion oh both feet are about 70 [...]

Therapy Session #2 - the good, bad, and ugly

Good news is that Ethan’s left ankle has passed neutral and is finally flexing toward the goal :)  Great news that I can actually see the surgery paying off.  We are now teaching him how to use his new found flexibility.
Bad news is that Ethan’s right ankle is still tight but is at neutral.  It [...]