Physical Therapy consultation -

Ethan is in therapy

Right: He measured 2 degrees below neutral and with help 4 degrees above neutral. No strength in his muscles. He was able to achieve 20 reps of heel raises but struggled.

Left: He measured neurtal and with help 6 degrees above neutral. No strength in his muscles. He was able to do 14 reps of heel raises.

In therapy, we are going to focus on stretching and a lot of strength training. The therapist said that Ethan (at this point) would benefit more from strength of the muscles with the stretching. He should be a faster runner (what he is hoping). She said that stretching and strengthing will be a lifelong struggle. She and the PA agree that Ethan is a very tight kid with hamstrings, tendons, legaments. We are working on at home to stretch out his big toe. It has a tendon that stretches from the front of his foot up to his calf muscle. We will be doing that stretch, tendon stretching, and heel raises, twice a day at home.

The therapist asked if after Ethan’s surgery, if the doctor changed out the casts every week to help stretch the tendons (and he did not). She agreed for the second opinion but suggested that I take Ethan somewhere like Atlanta.

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