Ethan’s progress

This post is of my opinion and not confirmed by the Doctor (we see him in May). If we could cut Ethan in half, the left achilles tendon goes well past neutral and I fear that it has too much flexibility (or maybe that is the normal ROM), it grosses me out to flex  Even though I do have my fear, I will not concern myself too much about it right now. I have stopped stretching the left tendon so if it is loose, I will not make it worse.

 The right tendon is still as tight as it was before the surgery.  We do the stretches, he wears his inserts to keep his ankles in the neutral position, and he works it playing baseball.  His arch has constant redness and blisters and the PA said that was due to the pressure to the arch trying to collapse…geesh.  The right foot continues to turns out when he walks and he may always have that walk..who knows.   The PT tech measured that one leg was just slightly longer than the other and that could be the cause.   What is the next step if the surgery didn’t work for his right tendon?  We will find out in May.

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  1. Normal DF is 15+ degrees past neutral, FWIW. More does no harm EXCEPT that it can be the symptom of a too-long AT-&-calf.

    I’d assume that AT-lengthening surgery could be repeated ’til it works. That’s nobody’s first choice, but it sounds better than limping toes-out forever.

    Recovery from AT surgery on ONE leg is way nicer than TWO.

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