End of Therapy - mixed feelings

We have completed the 8 weeks of therapy and the results are in.  Please forgive my termology as I am not familiar with these “big” words.  His dorsiflexion went from +4 to +10 on his left and from a -6 to a +10 on his right.  His plantar flexion oh both feet are about 70 degrees.  The foot inversion on the right was at 18 in the beginning and now is 35 and on the left in the beginning was 28 and now it’s 30.

They put Ethan on the treadmill to watch him walk and run.  His walking is better with a slight outward turn of his right foot.   Running is not so good.  He seems to be turning his left knee inward and leaning into his foot (putting extra pressure on his arch area) while the right foot is turning outward, whipping his right leg around, almost colliding with his left leg. They gave us a lot of strength exercises for his butt, hip, and thigh area.  Hopefully as that area gets stronger, it will shift his foot back around.

We go to the doctor on 11/28 for our official results…in the meantime, I think I’m going to jump on board with these exercises too and get some upper leg action..hehe

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  1. I’m glad it sounds like he is make more positive progress than your last blog entry. And I hope that it keeps getting better. Keep everyone posted.

  2. Hi LeslieKay

    How are you and Ethan doing? I see from your last post he was to have a follow up at the end of November, how did he get on?


  3. Thank you for your concern Karen :) I just posted a new blog :)

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