To be or not to be released — NOT!!! No improvements :(

Ethan had another Doctor’s appointment to see if his gait and tightness has improved so he could be released for normal activity.  Nothing improved.  His gait is showing no improvement as he is still walking with his feet turned outward and he is still tight so no improvement on flexibility.  The PA said that he does not normally order PT for kids like Ethan, but in his case, we are going to gait PT twice a week for 8 weeks to see if they can help Ethan work out his issues.  The PA noticed like we have that Ethan is still “protecting” and “guarding” his lower legs and not allowing them to loosen up.  Maybe the PT can help him with that. He still has wears his braces during the day, and now night splints, and then maybe he will be released.  I am now getting nervous that after all Ethan has gone through with this lengthening, we will be no better than we were before the surgery.

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  1. I suspect the PT will do some magic. We all hope so!

  2. I really hope so. I have one his age and you just don’t want to see your kids struggle. I hope the PT gets through to him. I’m sure they will.

  3. Hi
    Sorry to hear that the tightness is a big issue for him still. I argee with the above comment about PT, I found that once I started PT I moved forward in the recovery path. Did the doctor say why he thought the tightness was still there? Did he suggest swimming, as I found it really helped to get some movement in the ankle area without putting pressure on it. Also water walking, backwards, forwards and sideways. You do need to get the ok of the PT to do this, as they may or may not want that much movement in the leg. I hope you have some success with the PT

  4. I am so relieved that he still could progress with the aid of PT. The PA was about 50% on Ethan’s tighteness being physical or if it’s his subconcious protecting his tendons by resisting against the PA flexing his feet upwards. He said that through PT will help Ethan either loosen up physically or teach him to trust his new flexibility. Also, PT hopefully help his gait. Our first PT is Monday.

  5. Ditto on the pool - it really helps loosen the ankle area and build confidence!

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