Therapy Session #2 - the good, bad, and ugly

Good news is that Ethan’s left ankle has passed neutral and is finally flexing toward the goal :)  Great news that I can actually see the surgery paying off.  We are now teaching him how to use his new found flexibility.
Bad news is that Ethan’s right ankle is still tight but is at neutral.  It [...]

Discouraged and fearful

Ethan had his 1st PT session.  They took measurements and could only get him to 6 degrees below neutral on his right foot and 4 degrees below neutral on his left. This is where we were before the surgery.  I do have to differ with them (but I’m not an expert).  When we are doing at home therapy, [...]

To be or not to be released — NOT!!! No improvements :(

Ethan had another Doctor’s appointment to see if his gait and tightness has improved so he could be released for normal activity.  Nothing improved.  His gait is showing no improvement as he is still walking with his feet turned outward and he is still tight so no improvement on flexibility.  The PA said that he does [...]