Setback :( - Going to see the Doctor

I knew our good fortune with this process was too good to be true.  I am calling this morning to get Ethan another Doctor’s appointment.  Ever since he started walking last Wednesday, he has been dragging his right foot.  He turns it completely out where his toes are pointing straight out to the side and he says that when he walks with his foot pointing forward, it hurts a lot.  He is walking stiff legged.  Also, it seems that he is still tight on his left and loose on his right.  I am just concerned and hopefully we can get into a little therapy to help him out.

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  1. I’m sure your good fortune isn’t running out! Once I started walking, I was often tempted to walk like that as the excess scar tissuewas not yet broken down so normal walking was painful. I’m sure the PT can help with some exercises and massage. Good luck!

  2. Hi there,
    really hope it isn’t a setback and hala is right!

  3. LK, I’m not clear on how long he was walking FWB (no crutches) while still immobilized in a cast or boot. My fave protocol is fast but it still spends 4 whole weeks in that phase. I wouldn’t skip it or skimp on it.

    At this stage, we’re all hoping for the best. Get it checked out and do what’s best. Limping asymmetrically — with one short stride but toes straight ahead — does no harm. But rolling over a foot that’s splayed out to the side as you describe is a Bad Thing in a few ways and should be discouraged.

  4. Hi LeslieKay

    Good to be getting checked it checked at the doctors. I found I had quite a large build up of scar tissue after this op, and the PT had to do deep tissue massages in my ankle area for quite a while to ensure I could keep up my mobility. He also gave me a lot of exercises to train my foot to walk properly, frustrating at first, but it does get there. Hope all goes well and you come away with a solution.

  5. @normofthenorth - thank you so much for your insight and knowledge. He walked in his Air Boots with no crutches for 4 weeks prior to 9/12. Took him 1 week to get used to them and by week 3, he was playing soccer in them. He was so excited to get them off after 10 weeks of being “confined” and for him to complain of pain and risk being put back in the boot, really means that his pain is unbearable to walk properly. I have a friend that is an Orthopedic PA and I was finally able to see him this weekend. He checked Ethan out and said that he would get him checked out immediately, he would recomment PT, and that the right leg (the one Ethan is dragging) felt loose (which is good), but the left leg felt tight). I asked why our doctor hasn’t ordered PT and he said that kids usually “bounce back” so quickly, that no PT is needed, but if the child is having trouble as Ethan is, he would put him in PT. We will know more Wednesday when we go back to our PA. I have to acknowledge Optum Orthopedics. I had to leave messages with both the appointment clerk and the nurse and I received a call from both of them within 3 hours.

  6. @nutkin - that would very well make sense. The PA at our last visit said that Ethan’s tendon area felt thick in places. I kinda think Ethan’s mind is trying protect his injury. And I also agree with you. Ethan does not know how to walk properly. He does need to be retrained how to walk and that is another reason that I am anxious to start some form of PT. The nurse suggested that the PA will give us stretches to preform at home. We shall see.

  7. Hi
    I am sure there will be a solution for you. I had my op in Sept last year and I would honestly say it has only been in the last 3 months that the Achilles area looks normal, but I have been walking for quite some time. My point is, is this is going to take a while. I found I had to go quite slow with walking as otherwise I tended to revert to a walking position that would reduce the pain, rather than being a good walking position. I did find swimming was great, you do need guidance from your PT as to what strokes you can and cannot do, but I found that after each swimming session I got more and more freedom in my ankle area. I also walk in the sneakers/trainers that my surgeon and PT approved as this helps me alot. Hope all goes well, let me know how you get on.

  8. Hi

    How did Ethan get on at the doctor’s?


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