Ethan’s breakthrough

He is finally walking most anywhere.  My mom brought him some crutches and he uses them to help him not to put so much weight on his feet and he is going everywhere.  He is so excited finally to be able to go to the kitchem, bath, and outside.  YEPEE!!!

2 Responses to “Ethan’s breakthrough”

  1. Hi Lesliekay
    I saw your last post and felt really happy for you and your son. I had my right achilles lengthened in September last year and while the recovery is a long journey I am so glad I had it done.
    I see he is at the partial weight bearing stage, I imagine he thinks it is total freedom compared to non weight bearing. How is the swelling and pain? One of the things I started to do a lot of when I was transfered into the boot was to start taking my leg out of the boot, and making sure I was seated somewhere safe, so not to risk putting weight on the leg, I would give the leg and foot a rub with my hands, brushes whatever I could find to help bring back the normal sensation to the leg. The key with this stage is not to think you are unbreakable and to try and do too much, so no superman acts of flight on crutches :-)
    Hope his recovery continues to go well


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