3 weeks down & counting - Post-op visit today!

We have now completed our third week.  Ethan has been dealing with the wheelchair better than I expected.  He has been crawling around alot and walking on his knees.  We had his 1st post-op doctor appt today.

Dr. McCartney first removed the casts.  His legs are small which I hope he will be able to build them up after he is able to walk.  His feet look great!  He has an arch now (small but very pronounced).  The bone above the arch that was collapsed and falling to the ground, is now very high up on his feet.  The arch was impressive.  His tendon incesions are about the size of a marker dot and when they heal completely, they will not be noticable.   I was extatic about his progress.

He put Ethan in hard, plastic, velcro walking boots.  And no, he still can’t walk.  These are alot bulkier than the cast and he can’t crawl without his heel moving up and down.  This is a big No-No, so we are struggling with that.  He can take them off to take a bath, which is great!

I did find out some interesting information.  Yes, the casts and boots are to protect his tendons from rupturing by too much activitiy, but more emphasis, stress, and caution is put on stabilizing his feet NOT to move upwards.  He can move his foot downward all he wants, but not upwards.  Reasoning is because he could stretch his tendons too much and that is just as bad as having them too short.

We also had to go and have Ethan molded for his braces, which to my delight, will be discrete and fit right in his shoe with only 2 small tabs sticking out (but not very noticable).  He will first wear these in his walking boots and finally in his shoes.

He will be out of a wheelchair in 2 weeks.  YEA!!!!!!!!

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  1. Hang in there!

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