Ethan’s breakthrough

He is finally walking most anywhere.  My mom brought him some crutches and he uses them to help him not to put so much weight on his feet and he is going everywhere.  He is so excited finally to be able to go to the kitchem, bath, and outside.  YEPEE!!!

Week 5 and walking

We have made it to week #5.  Ethan had his 5 week appointment on Friday.  He was able to get his braces before the Doctor appt.  He is progressing very nicely.  They are still stressing that he does not flex his feet upward to risk the tendons being lengthened too much.  He can walk now [...]

4 weeks down - School

Ethan has had a very quiet 4th week.  We are getting into our routine of school.  We have had no more episodes at school..whew…and ever since Ethan was told that he had the option to take the boots off, he has kept them on 100% of the time at school.  He learned how to pop [...]

Worst night and day yet

After we got home from our 3 week appointment, things were going along as normal.  Ethan went to bed and begin hurting at his tendon sights.  He was crying and very uncomfortable.  My husband gave him some Motrin and about 3:00 am, he drifted to sleep.  We got up as normal, couldn’t put on the [...]

3 weeks down & counting - Post-op visit today!

We have now completed our third week.  Ethan has been dealing with the wheelchair better than I expected.  He has been crawling around alot and walking on his knees.  We had his 1st post-op doctor appt today.
Dr. McCartney first removed the casts.  His legs are small which I hope he will be able to build [...]