Week 2 down and still going

We have finally completed week 2.  Nothing much to report except I didn’t realize or prepare for the mental drain.  We all are tired of doing everything for Ethan.  He is getting demanding and not asking so much anymore, so I am working hard with him to ask people kindly to do whatever for him [...]

Week 1 down - 3-5 more to go in a wheelchair

Ethan has adapted to not walking like a champ.  He is crawling everywhere but I do caution him not to try and lift himself to stand.  He can stand but not to use his knees to pull himself up.  I help him stand, he stands, and then I help him back down.  The only trouble [...]

Day 3 - Post Surgery

Ethan had a great day today.  He can bear a little weight on his legs now which is a big help to me.  He does say that he can straighten his “black” leg (right) out further than his “red” leg (left).  The left leg is giving him more pain than the right leg.   But overall, [...]

Day 2 -Post surgery

I gave Ethan pain meds last night around 9pm, mainly just to make sure he slept comfortably and he sure did.  He did not have a problem sleeping once he drifted off. No pain meds today!!  He says they don’t hurt, but he is so ready for the casts to be off.  We are keeping [...]

Day 1- Surgery day

After waiting a while at the center, they finally called Ethan back to begin his prep.  The nurses took all of his vitals and he had the VIP treatment.  He was in a very good mood especially when the anesthesiologist told that when he put on his gas mask, he will smell a monkey butt and [...]

Surgery Day!!

We are to be at the center at 10:00am.  I will post when we come out

My son Ethan’s ATL Journey

Who would voluntarily sign their healthy, active, smart, 7-year old son up for surgery that take away the rest of his summer, prohibit him from going to summer baseball camp, and play fall football……this mom right here.  And no, I am not bragging about it, but I did not find a lot of information about [...]

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