1st physio

On the 18th Jan I had my first physio appointment. The PT gave me a sheet with about 4 exercises. From being immobilised for 8 weeks to must mobilise is amazing. My ROM is very limited and the swelling around the ankle is constant. Is this the same with everyone. In the morning there is no swelling. I put my boot on and unless I am walking around the swelling is such I have to take my leg out and do my exercises. I feel a slight tug on my tendon but dont know if thats enough. PT said unless the pain is excrutiating then carry on. (I dont have pain) To what degree should I be stretching my tendon without pulling it apart again. My exercises are circles x 3 for 30 secs. Back and forth x 10 sets of 3. Pushing toes forward etc stretching the shin and with thumb and index finger move my tendon back and forth - does any of this sound familiar ps any suggestions. Had boot since 5Jan10

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