Overly Confident

I was in the “bathroom” some great spark left the T-roll on the other side. Decided to retrieve it. Stepped forward on my good leg and grabbed the target. On return my brain forgot to tell me I was reversing back and put my full weight on my injured foot (OUCCCCCCCCH) a sharp pain at back of my atr leg. Brain kicks in and immediately lifts my injured foot off the ground before brain told good leg to take over, what a sight grabbed the roll holder for stability and that came off the wall. My heart is shaking have I re-ruptured? That night couldn’t sleep leg felt somewhat more sensitive around damaged area. Those who have re-ruptured how do you know would it be more that slight sting around back of heel. worried as usual!!!!

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  1. Oh-oh. Late nights on the loo and ATR do not mix well….
    I hope you are feeling better now. When I re-ruptured I felt something come apart inside and could not move my foot much anymore. Also felt the gap again.

  2. I THINK you would feel more than just a little sensitive. I dunno, after 7 weeks you would think that it would be a little harder to re-rupture unless you really did some harsh lateral movement with weight. I found that with every extra stress my area would swell a lot and be achy, so extra sensitivity would not be a surprise. I agree with 2ndtimer that a rerupture would be very reminiscent of the first time–limp foot and a gap.

    me, when i went to the boot i wore it all the time for the first three weeks, including the loo. It was all kludgy and took great patience. I think I probably saved myself from injury more than one time, though.

    Good luck and stay in the boot for a while.

  3. If you can move your foot around and you don’t feel a gap, you’re fine. Many of us have done something similar without re-rupturing the tendon, I did it twice.

  4. The massage of the scar tissue may be a bit painful, but my PT is rather gentle, she lets you go at your own pace. You should not be doing exercises that are too painful. Pain is a sign to stop. You work against some soreness, but not excessively. Also a new exercise may be difficult and uncomfortable first time, but if you practice them at home several times a day, you should be able to work up your way to more and better repetitions by your next appointment.

  5. thanks

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