The Boot

I have just received the boot. I can see where it gives strenghth. I can take it off for bed and for a warm bath. My leg is like a puppy dogs paw (limp). When I took it off to have a bath my foot was bruised looking and very swollen. Is this normal and how do I go about reducing it i.e.with boot on and raised so many questions yet we dont ask when receiving it because it’s after the event the question is raised - very worried person!

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  1. That is good that you can take it off for baths and to sleep so many doctors have such different opinions, my doctor told me never to take it off not even in the shower or to sleep. when my foot gets swollen I make sure I elevate it , your foot should be elevated above your heart in order for the swelling to go down.

  2. If your doctor allowed you to take it off for sleep and bath, I think you can also take it off when you are seated and elevate it (you can put it real high on the back of a couch), and wiggle your toes to reduce the swelling, improve the circulation. When you do not move it the circulation is worst. Also, you can massage your calf and foot. Feels good!

  3. I always took mine off to elevate and ice.

  4. Swelling is normal and will stay normal for some time. Especially after using the leg, no matter how carefully. For the first few weeks, I kept the boot on ALL the time, even in bed (per my doctor’s orders). I would have been anxious about getting my foot twisted in the sheets.

    For the past couple of nights, I was sleeping with the boot off. But yesterday, my ankle was pretty swollen (no elevation during the day) so I put the boot on for sleeping. It helped a lot. No question the foot feels great when it’s bootless, but sometimes that compression is actually helpful for the ankle. And it will get to feeling better and better

  5. You could try a compression bandage, in addition to elevating and icing. Massaging up towards your heart helps too….and feels nice!

    Congrats on getting into the boot! Back in shoes before you know it :)

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