Calling all ATR people . How long did you stay off work. I am 7 weeks off and am wondering when to return?

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  1. I ruptured mine on July 27, had surgery on August 3 and returned to work August 10. That said, I think it depends on a couple of things, the most important being what kind of work you do. I work in an office so getting around on crutches there was not a big deal. If I was a construction worker I would not have been able to go back to work. The other issue is how are you going to get to work. If you can’t safely drive, then someone has to take you.

  2. Thank you GerryR. I do work in an office. Just worried about the icy area this time of year. i feel very anxious about iit. Thanks for your reply so much. I go on tuesday for the boot maybe it will be better but i am not b anking on it.

  3. If you’re using crutches, they are quite unsafe on tile or vinyl floors when the tips are wet. I found that out the hard way. I was actually more concerned about that than I was about slippery sidewalks. If you actually have a large area of true ice to cross it won’t be easy or even safe no matter what, even for someone without an ATR.

  4. I had surgery November 19th, and was back at work December 7th. So that makes 2 weeks and a bit before I went back. I do have a job that is not physically demanding and I was able to keep my leg well elevated much of the day. The doctor’s release stipulated “no more than 3 hours standing or walking per day and no lifting.”

  5. I must be a wimp then. and need to get my head sorted., Thats good knowledge though the 3 hours etc as I have not been told that , thanks MaryK

  6. He put those restrictions in place for one month after I returned to work. Glad to help. About going back to work- I found my mental health improved tremendously once I went back to the office. At home I was way too mopey!

  7. I had my surgery on a Wednesday and wanted to go back to work the following Monday. The doctor said I could but my office said I couldn’t. They finally agreed to the following Monday, so I was off for 7 working days. It was a nice break. I read a book a day for those 7 days.
    Just like everything about this injury though, each persons road to recovery has been different. I had someone who drove me to and from work, and I was able to work from a wheelchair. Like MaryK just said, my mental state improved greatly once I got back to work. Just be careful once you do go back. And don’t be too proud to ask for help!

  8. I had surgery Oct 2nd, went back November 30th. Way too early.
    Worked a week and couldn’t do it.
    Took 2 weeks over holiday break and went back today for 4 hours.

    I’m exhausted, they moved my desk way away from the printers and there is a long hallway covered in slate tiles.

    I’m not going in tomorrow for longer than 2 hours.

  9. Every case is different but, to put some of the other responses in perspective, I had surgery Monday, stayed home Tuesday and returned to work full-time on Wednesday without giving it a second thought. Granted, the fact that I have an office job, it was my left Achilles so I could still drive myself and it was June so crutching outdoors wasn’t too treacherous had something to do with it.

  10. Thank you all for your comments. I have the boot now for 24 hours. I sleep with it off. am allowed to take it off for a bath. but on taking it off my foot was very bruised looking and swollen especially around the ankle. Is that normal at first and what is the best way to reduce it. please please someone help me understand?

  11. everyone is different. I work on a PC at a desk. I took a couple weeks off before I cam back to the office. I was going stir crazy at home. Swelling isn’t a bad thing…that’s how tissue heals

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