1st physio

On the 18th Jan I had my first physio appointment. The PT gave me a sheet with about 4 exercises. From being immobilised for 8 weeks to must mobilise is amazing. My ROM is very limited and the swelling around the ankle is constant. Is this the same with everyone. [...]

Overly Confident

I was in the “bathroom” some great spark left the T-roll on the other side. Decided to retrieve it. Stepped forward on my good leg and grabbed the target. On return my brain forgot to tell me I was reversing back and put my full weight on my injured foot (OUCCCCCCCCH) a sharp pain at [...]

The Boot

I have just received the boot. I can see where it gives strenghth. I can take it off for bed and for a warm bath. My leg is like a puppy dogs paw (limp). When I took it off to have a bath my foot was bruised looking and [...]


Calling all ATR people . How long did you stay off work. I am 7 weeks off and am wondering when to return?