2nd Hospital Visit after 3 weeks

I return to the hospital tomorrow 7/12/09. I opted for the cast and not the operation. I felt I couldnt go through with it. The doctor did not paint me a better picture, but the downfall is it takes longer by cast. Initially my doctor put me in a cast right up over my knee. I was laughting at first but after I put my leg down I soon stopped. After one week I felt the cast was too tight. I persevered and then returned one week later and they cut it down to below my knee. I understand why he put it above my knee as it really supported my calf etc even though it felt like a brick. I was a caged bird. See what tomorrow brings. I dred them moving my foot. What if it is seized up or could moving it pull on my tendon or damage what has healed - oh ignorance is not bliss. I intend taking paracetamol and coedeine pain killers before I go just in case wish me the best thanks. I periodically feel some pulls on my calf - is that good tugging or bad?

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  1. Do not worry, as they move it only about 15 degrees, I did not feel any pain. Especially if the technician cuts off the cast, and you have a little time till the doctor comes, wiggle your toes, massage your ankle let it loosen up a bit.

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