Achilles Tendon Rupture 15Nov09

I who joined the gym 2 months ago, thought of myself as one caring about oneself was shocked to find out I had ruptured my achilles during a netball game. I am so concerned I want to learn and share my experiences with people of a similar situation. I am a woman who looks after her family, works full time and having to sit for 3 weeks is driving me mad. Anyone else out there with a similar situation - please feel free to comment.  I feel so isolated.  I feel there is no end to this.  I hear different comments and at present (maybe depressed) but cant see any light at the end.  I have been told I could be in a cast up to 18 weeks.  Will I have a limp indefinitely or not.  I just need to get back to normal.  I sometimes have panic attacks in that I worry and feel will I ever get back to normal.

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  1. There is most definitely light at the end of the tunnel. Almost all of us on this site have had much difficulty dealing with losing our independence. But I assure you there is hope and this is only temporary. Use this time to slow down your lifestyle… things you may have never had time to do previously…….and above all else, depend on others and strengthen your relationships. None of those things will be easy…..but I promise you, it will get better and you will be back to normal! Best wishes……

  2. There are many in similar situation to yours (moms) on this site. Hey, it is time to teach the family independence! My children are teenagers - so they spent the summer learning grocery shopping, cooking, laundry… was a valuable lesson! Of course it was not easy, but gave us a different bond. I think my son grew up a bit being responsible to drive his mom to doctors appointments etc.
    I definitely hope you will not be in cast for 18 weeks. I think the longest is about 10 weeks in general. And I can assure you, I do not have a limp anymore, after 5 months.
    You have some hard times ahead of you but it is not forever.
    Keep blogging. Good Luck!

  3. Hey there,

    I think what you are going through is very normal, because yes, for a time at least this is a very life-changing injury. I am a mum too, and work and study at university, and my first reaction was simply that I had no time for this!!

    The first month is the hardest, and then you begin to see progress and experience the kindness of both strangers and loved ones, and you realise that the problem is far from insurmountable.

    You, like all of us, will have to just go with the flow. Look after yourself, try to find ways to have a laugh - it really does help. And keep blogging and reading here because it also really helps to know you are not alone.

    Good luck!

  4. As a psychologist I would say theres a big chance of anxiety and depression with this. its a huge loss of independence, activity, role, the lot! Add the pain, the slowness and no wonder we need support like this. My employers, having overworked me last 6 months, decided two weeks post op was a good time to ? My performance at work and have tried to stop me returning! Nice huh? One of them actually said to try to use the time constructively! She was left alive but it was so insensitive. Have spent most of my time in my own defence, reading policies, etc. When this is over some folks will have big fences to mend. But remember to look after your mood too, not just your leg!

  5. I have receiv ed 4 wonderful comments. I was very upset today and on reading them I have been given a boost. I go to the hospital tommorrow. I think they will move my foot a little more and replaster. Here is hoping it wont hurt 7/12/09 10.50 a.m.

    Thank you all it’s good to blog !

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