3rd Hospital Visit 21Dec09

Saw my consultant today and he seems pleased with my healing. My foot fell short of the 90 degrees position necessary so I have to wait another two weeks in a cast then get my boot. He said I can walk - will be able to take it off and have a warm bath sounds good [...]

2nd Hospital Visit after 3 weeks

I return to the hospital tomorrow 7/12/09. I opted for the cast and not the operation. I felt I couldnt go through with it. The doctor did not paint me a better picture, but the downfall is it takes longer by cast. Initially my doctor put me in a cast right up [...]

Achilles Tendon Rupture 15Nov09

I who joined the gym 2 months ago, thought of myself as one caring about oneself was shocked to find out I had ruptured my achilles during a netball game. I am so concerned I want to learn and share my experiences with people of a similar situation. I am a woman who looks after [...]