Calf muscle

As one who has recovered does anyone recommend an exercise/s tomake my calf be the same as the uninjured one , please or recommend website/utube x

1st physio

On the 18th Jan I had my first physio appointment. The PT gave me a sheet with about 4 exercises. From being immobilised for 8 weeks to must mobilise is amazing. My ROM is very limited and the swelling around the ankle is constant. Is this the same with everyone. In the morning there is no swelling. I put my boot on and unless I am walking around the swelling is such I have to take my leg out and do my exercises. I feel a slight tug on my tendon but dont know if thats enough. PT said unless the pain is excrutiating then carry on. (I dont have pain) To what degree should I be stretching my tendon without pulling it apart again. My exercises are circles x 3 for 30 secs. Back and forth x 10 sets of 3. Pushing toes forward etc stretching the shin and with thumb and index finger move my tendon back and forth - does any of this sound familiar ps any suggestions. Had boot since 5Jan10

Overly Confident

I was in the “bathroom” some great spark left the T-roll on the other side. Decided to retrieve it. Stepped forward on my good leg and grabbed the target. On return my brain forgot to tell me I was reversing back and put my full weight on my injured foot (OUCCCCCCCCH) a sharp pain at back of my atr leg. Brain kicks in and immediately lifts my injured foot off the ground before brain told good leg to take over, what a sight grabbed the roll holder for stability and that came off the wall. My heart is shaking have I re-ruptured? That night couldn’t sleep leg felt somewhat more sensitive around damaged area. Those who have re-ruptured how do you know would it be more that slight sting around back of heel. worried as usual!!!!

The Boot

I have just received the boot. I can see where it gives strenghth. I can take it off for bed and for a warm bath. My leg is like a puppy dogs paw (limp). When I took it off to have a bath my foot was bruised looking and very swollen. Is this normal and how do I go about reducing it i.e.with boot on and raised so many questions yet we dont ask when receiving it because it’s after the event the question is raised - very worried person!


Calling all ATR people . How long did you stay off work. I am 7 weeks off and am wondering when to return?

3rd Hospital Visit 21Dec09

Saw my consultant today and he seems pleased with my healing. My foot fell short of the 90 degrees position necessary so I have to wait another two weeks in a cast then get my boot. He said I can walk - will be able to take it off and have a warm bath sounds good to me 7 weeks after atr. What is the boot like! Have you any tips when I get it. Thanks

2nd Hospital Visit after 3 weeks

I return to the hospital tomorrow 7/12/09. I opted for the cast and not the operation. I felt I couldnt go through with it. The doctor did not paint me a better picture, but the downfall is it takes longer by cast. Initially my doctor put me in a cast right up over my knee. I was laughting at first but after I put my leg down I soon stopped. After one week I felt the cast was too tight. I persevered and then returned one week later and they cut it down to below my knee. I understand why he put it above my knee as it really supported my calf etc even though it felt like a brick. I was a caged bird. See what tomorrow brings. I dred them moving my foot. What if it is seized up or could moving it pull on my tendon or damage what has healed - oh ignorance is not bliss. I intend taking paracetamol and coedeine pain killers before I go just in case wish me the best thanks. I periodically feel some pulls on my calf - is that good tugging or bad?

Achilles Tendon Rupture 15Nov09

I who joined the gym 2 months ago, thought of myself as one caring about oneself was shocked to find out I had ruptured my achilles during a netball game. I am so concerned I want to learn and share my experiences with people of a similar situation. I am a woman who looks after her family, works full time and having to sit for 3 weeks is driving me mad. Anyone else out there with a similar situation - please feel free to comment.  I feel so isolated.  I feel there is no end to this.  I hear different comments and at present (maybe depressed) but cant see any light at the end.  I have been told I could be in a cast up to 18 weeks.  Will I have a limp indefinitely or not.  I just need to get back to normal.  I sometimes have panic attacks in that I worry and feel will I ever get back to normal.