The cast is off :)

5 weeks post-op and finally got my cast off.  Second cast to be exact.  The first one came off at 2 weeks to remove the staples from the surgery.  The doctor didn’t hesitate and put me in a boot with my foot at a 90 degree angle.  I believe that’s what most call neutral.

Questions; Considering I had a complete tear.

1> Dr. says I should be FWB after 4 weeks.  25% week 1, 50% week2, etc.  Is this normal?

2> I have been working on ROM with the boot off,  has anyone been told a maximum amount of time that they can have the boot off?  In other words, just sitting on the couch is it detrimental to my recovery to have the boot off and not in the 90 degree position?

Thanks so much for reading, your feedback is much appreciated.

10 days post -op

Thanks to everyone for the feedback from my first post, “another one bites the dust”.   This afternoon I went in for the follow up and had my staples removed.  It was an awesome / scary feeling to have my cast off temporarily.  Wiggled my toes, scratched my leg, moved my foot (ever so slightly).  Then unfortunately the doctor ordered another cast for 3 more weeks :(.

Another one bites the dust…

Found this website after a complete tear to my Achilles during rec league basketball.  As everyone has stated, it felt like some one kicked me in the back of the leg really hard.  Now I’m sitting on the couch with a big ugly cast on.  Surgery was last Thursday the 15th of March.  The pain subsided after only a couple of days.  I was released back to work from home Monday.   This site has assisted me quite a bit in terms of knowing what to expect and in conversations with the doctor.  Next Monday the 26th I will be visiting the Doctor for a post op inspection.  The original plan is to re-cast it for another 2 weeks.  I really dread the idea of this and was wondering if anyone went to a walking boot after a week and a half of surgery? Also, was wondering if someone could chime in on a preferred walking boot?  Thanks in advance!


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