achilles was a hero right?

living and working in barcelona.. the rough part of town…

so i thought i was pretty fit..i’m 37 years old 6 feet tall and weigh 170…even started spar boxing and doing weights a bit…

had a bad day at work from my store:  i can see street thieves in operation, the bike stealers and the muggers… so this guy steals a bag from someone on the terrace…i’m outside smoking…(see i’m not 100% healthy) it happens right under my nose….

i sprint after the little thief… (when i was a kid i used to run for the county team 100 and 200) i’ catch him up and just as i do i feel my leg go… i thought one of his buddies has clocked me with a bat!

nope its just me and my rapidly collapsing leg…i go sprawling…and i was just feet away from him…and can see the guy whose wallet was stolen catch the guy and then kinda look around for me… i’m up trying to limp after the little scrote.. dam hurts… and i grit my teeth in pain.

why doesnt my leg work?