see the cripple dance…zzzzzzzzzzz

…well i’ve followed all the advice.. i must learn to be a patient patient.. last night i woke up in the middle of the night..desperately thinking about cutting the bloody cast off…i can wiggle my toes a lot and feel like if the bloody thing was off i could walk!.. nearly crawled to the kitchen area to get a bread knife!

its only day 9 and frustration is setting in… the novelty has worn off… the cast is getting looser, so i suppose the initial swelling has gone down and/or my calf muscle is wasting away at a rapid pace…

havent been sleeping much (in fact was awake for nearly 40 hours sunday thru monday) so i think that has done somethig unusual to my brain, however the positive thing was that i realised today was wednesday (or is it thursday) which means i’m closer to first cast removal…and into week 2… huzzah!

has anyone else had these sleep problems..?

i doubt its the drugs as i have kinda stopped taking pain meds as i dont really have any pain to medicate…(and there not strong enough pills to save for recreational use)…

well i must go to sleep now i guess…better barricade the kitchen… lucky i cant sleep walk.