advice needed re: aggresive recovery process

man i am getting bored and its only week 1!

Well i’ve been obsessively researching achilles tendon rupture and the different approaches in the uk and usa…


I’m in Spain.

Although i am happy to Espeak Espanish, and having been here nearly 10 years I can negociate a mortgage, run my retail business, get married and divorced and even make sure I get the right order at a restaurant, questioning a busy doctor on procedure might cause some problems.

In fact last time I had my 30 seconds with the doc was the morning after surgery who just waived some release forms under my nose and said, “no andas con esta pierna eh?..pasar a dia 14 de septembre ok?”.  Basically, this translates as…”your outa here peg leg, see ya in two weeks!..and stop stealing all our jobs and women. ”

Vale? Ok? Vamos…. here’s my Q’s…

1) I will have this 1st post op cast for two weeks..(foot pointing down ..equinus pointius delicatum), what can I expect next? Another two weeks in a cast with the foot at 90? (Planxarium Flat Foot Amo Amas Amat )

2) After that I want a boot right? But what can I expect to do in this boot? Partially Weight Bear? What does that mean? (thats 4 questions I know but we’re all friends here right? Oh, except for that chap who supports millwall.)

3) This boot thingy..How long will I be in that little beauty? I work in the fashion industry, skinny jeans and a massive boot? No no no no.. get out of my sight!!!

I want to beat this rupture really quick..its only PARTIAL,about 1cm, so I’m hoping to be at least walking a mile slowly and carefully with goody, goody two shoes (i’m thinking nike blazer hi tops re-issues in blue) inside of 9 weeks.. does that seem unreasonable…?

Hmmm must take a look at my Espanish English Dictionary before the 14th…

Hasta pronto..