caught on camera

ha ha ha… Antenna 3 came by today (another spanish news channel) seems I have become a local hero! (or complete idiot depending on your view) another interview about increasing violence and fear in the Raval barrio of BCN… they even had some fotos, taken by a tourist, of the thief i was chasing when I ruptured my tendon! There he is with the bar stool, he picked it up when he was rumbled by some skaters… luckily he soon dropped that when I chased him along with the wallet he just pinched! Man he’s wearing flip flops to run.. it should have been him that ruptured…mind you, he’s going to jail, I’m going to the sofa.

this is the thief i caught just as my tendon snapped!

this is the thief i caught just as my tendon snapped!

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  1. assumptiondenied on September 22nd, 2009

    Sweet! Well, bittersweet I suppose, but at least your scar carries with it a story of actual heroic proportion.

  2. annieh on September 22nd, 2009

    Any change of a video of the interview(s) that would be really good.

    Hero status…. Not only do you have the scar, the newspapers reports and the TV interviews, but… you have it all down in a blog, how fantastic is that


  3. smoley on September 22nd, 2009

    Feedme - you are definately the coolest guy I know! Even if I’ve never actually met you! But then I do live in rural Essex where cool is at a bit of a premium. Nevertheless, I raise a glass in your general direction. Hope the snazzy new boot is a success.

  4. feedme on September 22nd, 2009

    thanks smoley.. actually i was raised in essex.( born in whitechapel but grew up in wanstead. I visit sometimes and still visit the pie and mash shop in romford when i make it back to the uk…

    Later my folks got all posh and moved to frinton on sea…!! I love essex…but have never had a soveriegn ring or driven a white van!

    will try my best to get the video… not sure when it comes out.

    as for being a hero… well i guess its all greek to me (ho ho ho)


  5. on December 14th, 2010