cast art by shepard fairey

here’s a close up… nice eh..? just needs a little touching up. its actually printed on paper and then pasted on..then water based wood glue over the top to seal it… maybe a good way to use up that half a roll of wallpaper you have stuffed under the stairs after doing the dining room..

cast art obey...

cast art obey...

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  1. dsut4392 on September 20th, 2009

    At first I thought “how cool, cast art by a recognized artist”. After looking up said artist with interest (’cause the iconography is kinda cool), I was sadly let down. Can’t stand plagiarism…

  2. sam66 on September 21st, 2009


  3. smoley on September 21st, 2009

    Proper cool! My current cast comes off tommorrow, but you’ve inspired me to be more creative with the new one. Beats a bunch of kids wielding biros!

  4. feedme on September 21st, 2009

    yep i read the critique of shepards works.. and its a fair point but then he would claim that his work deals with the idea of “propaganda” and as such uses well known propaganda images in his work.. hence the nazi deaths head, the big brother face and russian poster art. he has also worked with some of the worlds most important photographers like martha stewart and al rockoff… take a look at shepards manifesto alongside such a amateur critique, espcially one that is part written by a rival “graffitti” street and stencil artist like josh macphee! (in fact take a look at macphees’ work and see how he has been ripping off obey for years) if it wasnt for shepard fairey there woud be no banksy and certainly no macphee…i think its less about an honest critique and more about professional jealousy and a misunderstanding of postmodern icon and image manipulation. :) fairey is the warhol for gen-x… kewl! An interesting article disputing mcafee’s and vallens claims is linked below.

  5. I love what Shepherd Fairey did for the Berlin Wall, especially the 2010 20th anniversary event in LA.

  6. Very nice article on Shepherd F. What an artist!