Back to work..

Well i’ve been directing opertions from a sofa at the back of my main store in BCN for very nearly 3 weeks, but as the holidays are now well over its back to using that back space again for our events and product launches…

In fact its shaping up to be a great week… our first event of the season is a launch for OBEY clothing (you might know this guy he’s shepard fairey who designed the famous 2-colour obama poster) whats great is that he is sending an art team over so they have agreed to paint my cast! yippee… it will be a great one off art piece worth..ooooo…loads.

Friday the cast is being cut off  the stitches removed and i will be into my second cast…cool…

Saturday is the launch party and paint my cast nite! double cool and double vodkas all round!!

Sunday is my Birthday! triple vodkas and presents (i wonder who will be the joker that buys me shoes?)

Monday my GF gets back from seeing her friends and family in Canada!

She is bringing back a super high tech aircast walker boot thing as its cheaper there than here and i think the one the Spanish medical team supply will be…well lets just say…its an over stretched system…they do their best.


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  1. sam66 on September 16th, 2009

    So, you’ll have even better artwork than I did?!
    Sounds like you’re getting on with things well - good to keep busy and not dwell on things.
    Best wishes,

  2. 2ndtimer on September 16th, 2009

    Sounds like Dennis will have to put up on the site some best cast-art wall soon!

    I paid $200 for my sexy DonJoy boots in Toronto. (made in Mexico - we do not manufacture anything here anymore)
    They are pretty comfortable, (adjustable angle so I do not need wedges) but I do not understand why they have black marking sole… I have these black marks all over the house on the hardwood floor from it - easy to clean up though if you are ready to go on all fours with a soft rag.

  3. feedme on September 16th, 2009

    hey second timer.. those boots sound good.. my GF gets back from toronto (she’s seeing family) next week maybe she can get me a pair!… which model did you go for? i wonder if they do a “walker” where did you get them?