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First post op tease

didnt sleep at all last night.. i nodded of for an hour at about 6am but that was it… not so much pain as uncomfortable and so untired that my tiredness was making me more awake if that makes sense.

so out at 9.00 am and into a bumble bee taxi to the outpatient centre… my “cita”  is at 10.00am so i arrive at 9.30… where i wait and wait until 11.00am…

there is no doctor only a plaster tech… i was led to believe that i would have the plaster changed today but no, he is there only to cut a small “window” in the plaster above the wound and check the stitches… he likes the look of them and i manage to twist my self around enough to see that it doesnt look too horrific.. except for the 10 cm scar.

He patches me up and cheerfully tells me to come back on friday for a cast change. He explains that it really depends on the doctor’s protocol as to the speed at which I am allowed to proceed.

I shall insist on aggresive doctor and seek second and third opinions until satisfied.

ps: I just thought i would note that the hospitals and centres i have visisted so far (in BCN at least) have been clean, efficient and modern. the staff friendly and relaxed..and while unwilling to discuss care at length,  have been forthcoming when pressed.

I like spain.. i’m staying…not much choice right now.



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