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I’m on TV

well i dont know how but  TELE CINCO came by the BCN store to find me today… they are doing a piece on the increasing violence in the area of which i am an apparent victim (should have seen the other guy!).

Luckily i have been photographing daily the muggers, pickpockets, bike thieves and violent bums as well as taking video for the last 3 weeks before my achilles went (see my first post for details).

They wanted to interview me but i think its better not to be seen on TV given that if there was any revenge taken on me.. i would find it difficult to land a 8 punch combo off of one foot (just cant get the old ankle to knee to hip to shoulder to arm to fist power given that im on one leg)…

In the blue corner wearing black trunks weighing in at 170 pounds.. Luke……. Lefty Peg ……Maccyyyyyyyyy.

If they go with the piece then i will try to post it here…