if the drugs dont work, youre taking the wrong drugs.

here’s a list of the fine fine pharmaceuticals i’ve been asked to take daily:

omeprazal:  1 to line the stomach first thing in the morning before eating

paracetamol:  2 every 8 hours

enantyum (dexibuprofeno): 1 every four hours after food

fraxiparina (warfarin): 1 injection subcataneuous at 6′oopm every day to thin the blood

so basically i’m taking painkillers, a stomach liner and ratpoison.

however i eat 6 times a day (lo carbs, fiber and up top 160 grams of protein a day as well as fruit and vitamins) as part of my get fit and well (ha ha ha) diet… i havent tried yet but i plan to continue with upper body workouts…for lats, biceps, triceps, pecs etc etc.. most of these i can do sitting down. i will also try some low level squeeze crunches for upper abs… this shouldnt effect my achilles as i use very slow deliberate form when working out.. slow and steady…never jerky…

that with the occasional crutch hop to the bathroom should keep me fit and burning fat….

hmmm still losing weight…. took the heavybag down though..it depresses me to think i wont be hitting that for a few months yet..and skipping is right out the window…

bloat like a blubberfly fall like a tree.

now where’s that “when we were kings”  dvd?


ps: for a workout click the link on my page for SCOOBY.  great free advice and free videos.


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  1. dsut4392 on September 2nd, 2009

    “so basically i’m taking painkillers, a stomach liner and ratpoison” - love it!

    Now for some unsolicited pharmaceutical advice from a complete stranger with unknown medical education on an anonymous blog (i.e. you have no particular reason to trust or believe me):

    Not sure about the dosage of ibuprofen in enantyum, but it’s the same ibuprofen you’ll find for 40 euro cents a packet at carrefour - from memory pharmacies in spain are ridiculously expensive. Re the dosage, 400mg (which is 2 Tesco own brand tablets) 4x day would be pretty normal for an average size male, but always take after food or you will pay with reflux! Even once you’re out of the pain zone it could be worth taking the ibuprofen another week or two as it is a great anti-inflammatory.
    Once you quit the ibuprofen you probably won’t need the omeprazole anymore (it helps with the reflux).
    Sub-cut warfarin is pretty hard-core, do you have particular risk factors for a clot? Most surgeons would be happy with half an aspirin a day for this purpose…

  2. springsdude on September 2nd, 2009

    I was prescribed baby Aspirin to help avoid the blood clotting.No major risk factors that I would need it. Guess just a precaution. Interesting what different doc prescribe.

  3. sam66 on September 3rd, 2009

    After op I was told to take 2 x 200mg ibruprofen up to 4 times a day plus 2 x 20mg co-codamol similarly. Reacted violently to the co-codamol after only a few tablets so switched those to standard paracetamol. Found I only needed them for a few days and alternated between them rather than taking the whole lot. No-one ever mentioned aspirin to me, but I knew about the blood clotting possibility so took one every other day anyway for a couple of weeks in place of one of the other drugs.
    Glad the op went well, you’ll soon get used to getting around with crutches or however works.
    Wish I was losing weight!

  4. feedme on September 3rd, 2009

    thanks sam.. seems like everyone is given slightly different mixes of painkillers and antinflammatories,,, i seem to be taking quite a lot of pills though as well as injections… i’ve even set my phone up to give me alarms when i need to take the pills…


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  5. feedme on September 3rd, 2009

    yeah your right… in the end I ignored the brand named prescription for the paracetamol and went for generic brand at 1 euro. luckily prescription costs are low here so i went with the brand names for the rest of the drugs.

    i shall ask for a second opinion on the warfarin.. a 0.4ml injection everyday is uncomfortable and perhaps overkill… aspirin may do just as well.

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  6. feedme on September 5th, 2009

    just found out i cant take aspirin as i have low level asthma…

    wheeze wheeze…

    currently i only take ventolin maybe every other day…

    but doctors advice is no aspirin, baby or otherwise.

    rat poison is much much better!!!

  7. sam66 on September 5th, 2009

    Well, there you go…we are all different and get prescribed different things for different reasons.

    Saw your other post…crutching under the influence…having children and limited babysitters, I tend to do most of my drinking at home, not so far to crawl! But it’s good to get out.

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