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fast surgery

just got the call… surgery tomorrow overnite tonite then surgery first thing in the morning.

so pleased to be seen quickly, that will speed up the recovery process a little… better put some shorts 0n i guess.

with a bit of luck the nurse will be pretty and the doctor efficient…  better take a book.

hmmm the food will suck, probably wont eat though… better take some cash.


recharge telephone

then wait… and wait some more…


reading reading reading reading

…all about achilles, when i’m healed i’m gonna travel to the river where achiles was dipped and dive in…

really dont trust doctors…

told 6 weeks, 10 weeks, surgery, not surgery, walk, dont walk, walk…they even wanted to put me in a cast from foot to thigh… thigh length cast..mmm sexy.


all in spanish, not greek; which seems a shame seeing as we’re dealing with both achilles and hypocrates

i want one of these babies…

i reckon that if i dont get surgery in the next seven days i’m gonna keep this heavy one for 6 weeks then go but me a bledsoe..

i just dont trust the surgeons here… its national health.. their gonna stitch me up with the cheapest option…

once i broke my jaw (motorbike accident.. i advise you all to wear a full face helmet).. the NHS brutalised me.. they screwed it back together ok,


wired my jaw so badly that it was slicing my gums so viciously that i was in constant pain..passing out more than once.


i took a pair of pliers some painkilers and cut that f**ckin wire out of my mouth, fainting twice on the bathroom floor with a basin full of blood…it worked.. i just didnt speak for a week and ate through a instructed.


squeemish? yep i squeemed…quietly without opening my jaw.

healed just fine…


no really it did…

The Car

Still have to work, this is when you find out who your friends are… we drive to the second shop in sitges to pick up some stock and drive it back to Barcelona… it takes me the whole round trip to work out the most comfortable position for my leg…wedged between the central column and the piles of crapola in the foot well.

My beautiful freind marianne has been so helpful, went shopping for me, bought me crutches, got my prescription drugs, drove me to sitges…while i drive her insane… can you get me some fags? i cant carry my coffee..could you bring it over here?  can you pick those keys up off the floor?

I dont want to see anyone today. I dont want them to see me… the biggest blow is to my vanity.

ice ice ouch

…i wrap the leg in ice…

no good.. 24 hours later i go to the hospital… i’m seen very quickly…within 3 hours i’m told i have a 1cm tear of the left tendon… 6 weeks in a cast at least…

what?!!! i’ve got to the gym and my girl gets back from canada in 4 weeks!!! and i wanted to go to paris with her to see “the raft of the medusa” and and what about work?

then i’m told that i have to go to another hospital for a second opinion.. i’ve never been in an ambulance before.. weeeeeee… (no i make my own)..

they say..hmmmm better to have surgery but i could be waiting weeks on the list and it may heal itself in that time..(well a little)

the pretty nurse takes does another thompson test… yep its f++ked.

she puts on a heavy plaster cast and injects me with blood thinner.. she tell me i have to inject everyday for 30 days.. and painkillers too…


there’s got to be a faster way? i get on the net and start the surf…

and found…

you guys

achilles was a hero right?

living and working in barcelona.. the rough part of town…

so i thought i was pretty fit..i’m 37 years old 6 feet tall and weigh 170…even started spar boxing and doing weights a bit…

had a bad day at work from my store:  i can see street thieves in operation, the bike stealers and the muggers… so this guy steals a bag from someone on the terrace…i’m outside smoking…(see i’m not 100% healthy) it happens right under my nose….

i sprint after the little thief… (when i was a kid i used to run for the county team 100 and 200) i’ catch him up and just as i do i feel my leg go… i thought one of his buddies has clocked me with a bat!

nope its just me and my rapidly collapsing leg…i go sprawling…and i was just feet away from him…and can see the guy whose wallet was stolen catch the guy and then kinda look around for me… i’m up trying to limp after the little scrote.. dam hurts… and i grit my teeth in pain.

why doesnt my leg work?