bona fide scarring

just thought i would post up a foto i took while between casts.. this my lovely scar just before the tech removed the stitches.. hmm it’s gonna be a beauty!

stitched up like a sunday roast.

scar with stitches

scar with stitches

caught on camera

ha ha ha… Antenna 3 came by today (another spanish news channel) seems I have become a local hero! (or complete idiot depending on your view) another interview about increasing violence and fear in the Raval barrio of BCN… they even had some fotos, taken by a tourist, of the thief i was chasing when I ruptured my tendon! There he is with the bar stool, he picked it up when he was rumbled by some skaters… luckily he soon dropped that when I chased him along with the wallet he just pinched! Man he’s wearing flip flops to run.. it should have been him that ruptured…mind you, he’s going to jail, I’m going to the sofa.

this is the thief i caught just as my tendon snapped!

this is the thief i caught just as my tendon snapped!

cast art by shepard fairey

here’s a close up… nice eh..? just needs a little touching up. its actually printed on paper and then pasted on..then water based wood glue over the top to seal it… maybe a good way to use up that half a roll of wallpaper you have stuffed under the stairs after doing the dining room..

cast art obey...

cast art obey...

art cast

here i am with my new cast art… we are preparing for an art expo from shepard fairey ( .. and thats my business partner’s daughter just putting a nice coat of sealant… looks great now!

new cast art by shepard fairey

new cast art by shepard fairey


been a few days since i posted… i moved back to my flat this week…( iwas staying in the ground floor expo space at our main store for three weeks) and discovered that i can quite easily crutch up 6 floors of stairs (old buildings in BCN often dont have lifts) though crutching down takes a little longer!

i have also worked out how to order all my supermarket needs over the internet,, straight to mercadona web site, sign up and “ole”  boxes of food arrive at my door… i’m gonna use this service even when better.. i hate food shopping and hate carrying it 6 floors too… … hmmm fuet y jamon…

Back to work..

Well i’ve been directing opertions from a sofa at the back of my main store in BCN for very nearly 3 weeks, but as the holidays are now well over its back to using that back space again for our events and product launches…

In fact its shaping up to be a great week… our first event of the season is a launch for OBEY clothing (you might know this guy he’s shepard fairey who designed the famous 2-colour obama poster) whats great is that he is sending an art team over so they have agreed to paint my cast! yippee… it will be a great one off art piece worth..ooooo…loads.

Friday the cast is being cut off  the stitches removed and i will be into my second cast…cool…

Saturday is the launch party and paint my cast nite! double cool and double vodkas all round!!

Sunday is my Birthday! triple vodkas and presents (i wonder who will be the joker that buys me shoes?)

Monday my GF gets back from seeing her friends and family in Canada!

She is bringing back a super high tech aircast walker boot thing as its cheaper there than here and i think the one the Spanish medical team supply will be…well lets just say…its an over stretched system…they do their best.


Laughing my leg off…

[Enter Moore, grinning broadly, wearing trench coat, hopping on one leg, the other leg -- the left one -- tucked under the coat - he hops over to Cook and shakes hands.]

Peter Cook: Nice to see you.

Dudley Moore: [still hopping up and down] Nice to see you.

Peter Cook: Settle down. [puts a hand on Moore's shoulder and stops his hopping] Uh, Mr. Spiggott, is it not?

Dudley Moore: Yes, Spiggott’s the name, acting’s my game.

Peter Cook: I see. Spiggott is the name and acting is your game.

Dudley Moore: Right.

Peter Cook: If you’d like to settle down for one moment, Mr. Spiggott.

Dudley Moore: Certainly, yes.

Peter Cook: Thank you very much. [Moore hops over to the chair and rests his "stump" on it] Mr. Spiggott, er, you are auditioning, are you not, for the role of Tarzan?

Dudley Moore: Yes.

Peter Cook: Uh, Mr. Spiggott, I, uh, I couldn’t help noticing — almost immediately — that you are a one-legged man.

Dudley Moore: Oh. You noticed that?

Peter Cook: When you’ve been in the business as long as I have, Mr. Spiggott, you, uh, you get to notice these little things, almost instinctively.

Dudley Moore: Yeah. Sort of ESP.

Peter Cook: That kind of thing, yes.

Dudley Moore: Mm, yes.

Peter Cook: Now, Mr. Spiggott, you, a one-legged man, are applying for the role of Tarzan.

Dudley Moore: Yes, right.

Peter Cook: A role traditionally associated with a two-legged artiste.

Dudley Moore: Yes, correct, yes, yes.

Peter Cook: And yet you, a unidexter… are applying for the role.

Dudley Moore: Yes, right, yes.

Peter Cook: A role for which two legs would seem to be the minimum requirement. Well, Mr. Spiggott, need I point out to you with overmuch emphasis where your deficiency lies as regards landing the role?

Dudley Moore: Yes, I think you ought to.

Peter Cook: Perhaps I ought, yes. Need I say with, uh, too much stress that it is in the, uh, leg division that you are deficient.

Dudley Moore: The leg division?

Peter Cook: The leg division, Mr. Spiggott. You are deficient in the leg division to the tune of one. Your right leg I like. It’s a lovely leg for the role. As soon as I saw it come in, I said, “Hello! What a lovely leg for the role!”

Dudley Moore: Ah!

Peter Cook: I’ve got nothing against your right leg.

Dudley Moore: Ah!

Peter Cook: The trouble is — neither have you. [delayed applause] You, uh, you fall down on the left.

Dudley Moore: You mean it’s inadequate?

Peter Cook: It is inadequate, Mr. Spiggott.

Dudley Moore: Mm.

Peter Cook: In my view, the public is not yet ready …

Dudley Moore: No?

Peter Cook: … for the sight of a one-legged Tarzan swinging through the jungly tendrils, shouting “Hello, Jane.”

Dudley Moore: No. No, right.

Peter Cook: But don’t despair, Mr. Spiggott. I mean, after all, you score over a man with no legs at all. By one hundred percent.

Dudley Moore: Well, I’ve got twice as many.

Peter Cook: You’re streets ahead!

Dudley Moore: So there’s still hope?

Peter Cook: Of course there is still hope, Mr. Spiggott.

Dudley Moore: Ah!

Peter Cook: I mean, if we get no two-legged character actors in here within, say, the next, oh, [checks his wristwatch] eighteen months, there is every chance that you, a unidexter, will be the very type of artiste we shall be attempting to contact with a view to jungle stardom.

Dudley Moore: [likes the sound of that] Jungle stardom.

[Moore gets off chair, shakes hands with Cook while hopping up and down.]

Peter Cook: I’m just sorry I can’t be more definite at this stage.

Dudley Moore: Oh, good Lord!

Peter Cook: But you must understand … these days. We’ve so much tied up in the remake of Gone With The Wind, Part Four, we can’t afford…

Dudley Moore exits right, hopping and waving goodbye.

First post op tease

didnt sleep at all last night.. i nodded of for an hour at about 6am but that was it… not so much pain as uncomfortable and so untired that my tiredness was making me more awake if that makes sense.

so out at 9.00 am and into a bumble bee taxi to the outpatient centre… my “cita”  is at 10.00am so i arrive at 9.30… where i wait and wait until 11.00am…

there is no doctor only a plaster tech… i was led to believe that i would have the plaster changed today but no, he is there only to cut a small “window” in the plaster above the wound and check the stitches… he likes the look of them and i manage to twist my self around enough to see that it doesnt look too horrific.. except for the 10 cm scar.

He patches me up and cheerfully tells me to come back on friday for a cast change. He explains that it really depends on the doctor’s protocol as to the speed at which I am allowed to proceed.

I shall insist on aggresive doctor and seek second and third opinions until satisfied.

ps: I just thought i would note that the hospitals and centres i have visisted so far (in BCN at least) have been clean, efficient and modern. the staff friendly and relaxed..and while unwilling to discuss care at length,  have been forthcoming when pressed.

I like spain.. i’m staying…not much choice right now.



JONO… record label owner and dvd watching buddy .. brings me rum, finnish pop music and curry.




MAYKA & MAURICIO…my DJ buddies from two of the most famous nites in BCN (Nasty Mondays and BGWMG) coffee break and (prescibed) drug runners normally force me to the bar to medicate with whiskey sours…MMMM.



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