17 weeks - I ran…sort of

I can’t believe it has been a few weeks since my last post, how time flies!

I have been going to PT twice a week and doing exercises in the gym once a week in addition to cycling 3-4 times a week and then this past week, 16 post surgery I went to the local high school track and began my journey back into running.

The past few weeks I rode around 150 miles/week and my strength really seems to be coming back. My calf is getting some decent size and I am able to do a 1 legged calf raise with minor assistance, still not ready to do it hands free.

So running…I started with 3 laps or .75 miles and then 1.25, then 1.75, and on Tuesday I did 2 miles. My injured leg feels great, but I am compensating with my good leg quite a bit so I took the last 2 days off from running/cycling for some needed rest. Don’t think I have broken a 10 minute mile yet, but soon…

I went to see my doctor last week, I was basically released from his care and was warned to take it easy. He too is a triathlete and friend so if I am caught pushing it too hard I could be in for a beating! J/k, but I know I need to take it slowly.

A good friend and colleage of mine ruptured his Achilles 4 weeks after I did, unfortunately he re-ruptured this past weekend. Our thoughts and prayers go out to he and his family. Fortunately, he got in for surgery and is back on the mend.

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  1. Hey Leder,
    I am at 18 weeks post atr and our progress seems pretty close. I can do a slow jog; however, I am not a runner, so don’t really care to work on that. I am a cyclist and do find that to be helpful.

    Lately, with the 100 degree heat, I have been hitting the gym and using the elliptical machine. These machines do work well since they don’t really stress the Achilles.

    Yesterday I used the treadmill and set it at 2 incline and 4 mph. I found that I could use the cheater rails and walk clean with no limp. After about 15 minutes, I actually loosened up and walked pretty clean without touching the rails for another ten minutes.

    As far as heel raises, I can press about 140 lbs on the scale and I weigh 175 lbs, so I still have a ways to go.

    Blessings, pk

  2. I returned to soccer at just under 5 months. At this point i can run for miles, but am unable to reach a sprinting speed. my diagnosis leads me single leg calf raises. my inability for my bad leg to push off keeps me from being able to find an upper gear while running. it sounds like you are doing fairly well with the 1 legged calf raises, so keep up the good work. Get those calf raises close to normal and you should be ready for some serious work. I started focusing on the running too much and should have focused on the calf raises more. I am going to continue to run during soccer but will spend my training time working on the calf raises so that I can regain my speed. remember, for every workout you owe yourself 2 stretching sessions!! 2 to 1 stretching to exercising or tendon owner beware. good luck.

  3. Leder!! Hey man nice to be back here and see your development getting even better. As for me I was discharge from my MD this July 13…last wenesday., and told me I can get into my shoe..I mean shoes…hehe..a milestone for us. That was my ninth week post op. I have been riding since week eigth with the boot around NYC and since they took off my boot I have been doing some milleage on the bicyles again..past weekend I did at least 40 miles. I feel preety good and have been massaging the ankle area for circulation but over all the MD seems to be amazed by my improvement. Doing all the execercises as well religiously and some. My PT told me that I was making her job easy. I feel good about the recovery now and found out in the process how impatient I am….being an avid cyclist the MD advised me to just take it slow and get strong by following the PT instructions. I have a few techniques that made my leg stronger one of which is swimming on my eight week. I will keep you up to date on my road to a stronger AT. Thanks again….DINO

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