13 Weeks - Riding Outdoors Again!!!

At 12 weeks I had been riding indoors for about 2.5-3 weeks so when I went into the doctors, I was told that I could resume riding outdoors again. I can’t get out of the saddle at all or do hills, but just being out there feels great. Doc says the tendon looks good, but I need to hold back for the next month or so even if I do feel good so that the healing can continue.

I just completed my third week of therapy and I have begun to get back a decent amount of strength in my injured leg. I have been steadily increasing my weights on the squat machine, leg extensions, curls and obviously the calf raises. My leg is still noticeably smaller, but some muscle definition is returning.

Tonight I rode and was stretching afterward and noticed that my good leg was not half as flexible as my injured leg that was being worked in PT. I am going to concentrate on stretching my good leg much more.

Getting back to more of my usual activities has really helped my spirits. With the pool opening this weekend, I may just start swimming again too. Happy Memorial Day Weekend to everyone!

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  1. That extra flexibility isn’t extra dorsiflexion ROM, is it?

  2. Yes, it was…right after riding where my left leg (good leg) was doing the majority of the work and probably stiffened up more than the right.

    Now that I have loosened up from the workout, the flexibility in my left leg is much better than that of the injured leg.

    My guess is that you were thinking about the tendon healing long…I have been doing a lot of stretching in PT, but it is no where near the normal flexibility of my left leg.

  3. Hi Leder…I’m a cyclist as well and just about 5 weeks post surgery…visited my doctor last week and told me to come back and he will take off the second cast June 22nd. I missed my bikes so much and all I think about is when I can ride again. When did you jump back on the bike indoor?

  4. Hey Dino,

    Sorry to hear about your injury, it certainly isn’t an easy one to work through, but you get there slowly.

    I had asked my doctor at 6 weeks when he took off my cast and put me into the boot if I could ride indoors with the boot and he was worried about compensation issues that could occur so I waited until 10 weeks.

    At 10 weeks I started with 20 minutes the first day and worked up by 2-5 minutes each day until I got to an hour, I also made sure to take off every 3rd or 4th day to not overdo it. I did this for about 3 weeks and then I was cleared to go outside.

    I can definitely tell that my injured leg is much weaker than the other. My riding is nowhere near where I was, but the improvement is encouraging. This past weekend, just short of 14 weeks I rode almost 85 miles over the 3 day weekend.

    If you read, I had a second surgery because I either had a stitch coming out or I tore it open by moving too aggressively…I lost about 2 weeks time from this so he may even start you earlier. Even when I was on crutches in the cast I went to the gym to do upper body workouts on the machines (no freeweights) or I would just do light dumbbells/pushups/crunches at home. Maybe it didn’t do much physically for me, but mentally I still felt like I was being somewhat active.

    I have now been in PT for 3.5 weeks and it really makes a different, get in as soon as you safely can.

  5. Leder
    Thanks for the reply…sounds promising and certainly gave me a moral boost. I live in New York City and I rely on my bike for transportation work and pleasure…I was riding at least 40 miles a day alternating 3 bicycles one road bike and 2 single speed before injjury…so you know how I feel. I basically try to avoid the subway 100% if I can but now I have no choice. I’ve been doin a lot of upperbody workout for the past couple of weeks and going around town on crutches is a good workout too. Do you suggest or did you do any leg workout with the injured leg while on cast or boot…? Thanks again..hope you’ll increase the mileage soon.

  6. Hey Dino,

    I did not do anything for my uninjured leg, it came back so fast that I don’t regret that decision in the least. The good leg probably did 70% of the work on the bike at first and after about a month I bet it is still 55-60%.

    I actually emailed professional triathlete Brian Rhodes right after my injury, he too has gone through this and returned to the top 10 in many of the biggest races around the world. (he also won 2 Ironman races pre-injury). So this just goes to show you will get back, it is just time.

    He told me that his biggest issue coming back was running and compensation issues, but 5 months post injury he was competing again and actually won the race!

    Plan on putting the ss’s aside at first as you will want the gears to help you up hills. Maybe you will be able to, but I can’t get out of the saddle so I have yet to ride my ss yet, but soon…

    I am actually in the city all the time, live in Red Bank, NJ. Have you ever done the ride up to Bear Mountain, I believe it is a century from Manhattan…it is on my list of rides to do.


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