11 Weeks + 3 Days - began PT 3 days ago

It has been quite a week in terms of improvement, I went from barely putting two feet down to limping along much better, just like others have said - I limp more at the end of the day when I get tired.

I have been riding my bike on the trainer about a half hour a day and as of Sunday it has started to feel natural again. I see my strength is lacking and until I regain a decent amount I will just be indoors, but being back in motion feels great.

Sunday I finally got my toy car out of the garage after 5 months of sitting (I didn’t drive it since late November because of the snow) and then the injury. The battery was dead, but with my wife’s help we slowly pushed it out of the garage and got it jump started. I had been driving with 2 feet so this was a big jump back into driving manual again. Felt great to put the top down and cruise!

I did 2 days of PT this week, I can already balance on my injured leg and am regaining strength. I am doing leg presses, extensions, and curls and the size of my leg is improving too. I have a home/gym workout routine that I can do when I am not in pt as well. I am being as proactive as safely possible.

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  1. Good Job, I am at week 6 and starting my Physio Tuesday, since my therapist also goes to the same gym she actually has been working with me since the hard cast has come off about 2.5 weeks ago.

    Its amazing how fast my comeback is, Last Saturday I could not even balance on my left foot, now I can at least balance with a bit of wobble. I can do toe presses, with no hyper extension so only lifts. With my toe against the wall I can now bring my bad legs knee to the wall with what amounts to just a very mild stretch.

    Like you I have been biking and now use the elliptical as well, last week I could barely use the elliptical, but now I am almost up to my old speed, through I have to work on my getting my endurance back.

    I did not want to start on more aggressive strength training until I formally see her in Physio. But I did meet up with the Ortho dr. in the pool, who said I can run flat footed as soon as I can do so comfortably.

    So far I can’t do it comfortably, I figure may 4 - 8 more weeks. My muscle and tendon are to tight to get a comfortable stride at this point. But soon


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