10 Weeks - 2 Sneakers (No crutches)

I saw the doctor yesterday, 1 day shy of 10 weeks post op. He removed the stitches from my latest procedure and said the tendon is looking strong. The incision has closed nicely and I will be able to resume swimming in 2 weeks.

I was cleared to start riding my bike again indoors, starting with 20 minutes a day and gradually getting up to an hour within 2 weeks. I rode yesterday (as soon as I got home from the doctor’s) for 15 minutes and then today for 20.

My achilles feels fine, but I believe there is some adhesion - the upper portion of the scar is where I see the skin tightening as flex my toes downward. I hope that this can get worked out in therapy, it doesn’t really hurt much, more annoying than anything. Anyone have an experience like this?

So as of Monday I begin 3x per week of therapy for 4 weeks. At the conclusion of 4 weeks I am hoping to be cleared for outdoor riding and if all else looks good, a slow start to running again. (Doc said it, not me…)

I am presently signed up for the Syracuse 70.3 triathlon in September - got in long before the injury and I have been told my chances are pretty good, I may just have to tone it down a few notches.

I was pleasantly surprised to see my calf is no longer just mush, it has regained some density and size already!

2 Responses to “10 Weeks - 2 Sneakers (No crutches)”

  1. I forgot to mention -

    1. I can drive again!!!!!!!!!

    2. I am so out of shape :(

  2. ~9.5 yrs after my first ATR (& surgery), I can still make the top of the nearly invisible scar “pucker” by pointing my toes hard. My adhesion is extremely minor, and affects absolutely nothing except my career as a foot model ;-) . Bigger adhesions have functional effects and need to be addressed.

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