9 Weeks - 2 Sneakers* (Crutch assisted)

Well I had my follow-up with the doctor this past Tuesday and the latest incision from the inside suture removal has closed nicely. He chose to leave the outside stitches in 1 more week as a precaution, but allowed me to walk in 2 sneakers holding the crutches in case I needed them. I can’t flex too hard just yet being that the stitches are still there so I like having the crutches in hand as a safety net. I will take away the asterisk when I am walking without crutches.

When I was at the doctor’s office we were looking at my boot and it may have combined to create the latest problem as it cuts in where my incision is and rubs the area when I walk. I tried it for another day to see if there was a difference since the last time I was in it, but I still felt the rubbing. I was given the choice of boot with no crutches or 2 sneakers and crutches…I opted for the sneakers.

My ankle is still very swollen from having it down more time each day, but I make sure to put it up when I still can. I was amazed to see that my calf which has withered to just about nothing has actually started to make a little comeback - I mean little, but it isn’t quite the jello it was on Tuesday.

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  1. Sounds like progress! Don’t forget to Watch Your Step through this vulnerable period. Most re-ruptures happen before 12 weeks post-whatever, so that’s a vague guideline for your risk. Some of us used our boot as a “shield” for high-risk outings even after 9 weeks, but you won’t have that protection.

    Do control your swelling, with RICE. I concentrated on Elevation, but the other 3 are useful, too.

    I’m a downhill skier, and the lengths some of us go to — with $$$ professional help — to get boots to fit well is remarkable, extending past simple padding into grinding and “blowing out” pressure points with little jacks and heat guns or torches!

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