What’s my next step?

So after having the internal sutures removed 1 week ago today, I have regular stitches in until Tuesday of this week.

I know my doctor is concerned with the wound reopening if I go into PT too soon so I am not exactly sure what my next step will be.

Has anyone had a similar procedure - clean out of a couple internal stitches. The new incisions are 1.5 inches and .5 inches. How long did it take for you to heal up and get into PT?


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  1. Check out GerryR’s blog. His FOURTH(!) surgery finally cleaned out the last mis-behaving suture. I think it was only one, so not identical, but still worth reading.

  2. I had to look back at your earlier posts to find when you ruptured your AT. You’re at two months so the tendon should be pretty well healed. I had surgery to remove internal suture material, in the form of a huge knot, nearly 10 months after rupturing mine so there is a significant difference there, my tendon was as healed as it could get. When I had the last surgery, the doc told me he wanted me to be a “slug” for a week and then wait a week after he removed the sutures before resuming cycling and starting PT again. I followed his advice and had no difficulties with the incision at all. The surgery was on May 20 and what was left of the sutures were removed on June 9 and I started PT just about a week later. I was back on my bicycle for a 21 mile ride on June 14.
    Make sure the incision is complete closed and remains closed after the sutures are removed. I can tell you it is no fun to have an incision open back up.

  3. Thanks Norm/Gerry,

    Gerry I read your blog, wow what an ordeal, glad to hear you are cranking again. I too am an avid cyclist so I can’t wait to get back on my bike.

    I see the doc on Tuesday which is 11 days post op, my cast was too tight after last Friday’s surgery so I got a new one Wednesday and was able to see the incision. It looked good and I was told it was healing as it should. My guess is I will go back to the boot for a week or two then go to PT. The latest incision was 1.5 inches, but in more of a high stress area so I know to take it easy. Personally, I just want out of the cast, I hate the whole tightness feeling due to the lack of adjustability.

    Gerry, once back on the bike how long did it take you to get back to where you were pre-rupture?

  4. I successfully defended my age group gold medal in a road race in the Big Sky State Games in mid-July last year. My margin was almost the same as it was in 2009, about 18 minutes.

  5. Way to go, G! My fitness is on a serious up-tick (touch wood!), though nowhere near that level, in my first week of being 66!

    I expect to start running soon (for Cardio Rehab), and I’m curious to see if my still-wimpy 1-leg heel raise is noticeable or not. I’ve already done some gentle jogging, and I didn’t notice any asymmetry. And I’ve power-walked many 10s of miles for C.R. without thinking much about the ankle.

    One of my frequent (BORING!) routes is walking laps around the small urban park outside our door. I usually keep circling in the same direction for a mile and recently two — 4 laps per mile. Before long, I usually start noticing that the sidewalk is slanted for drainage, always in the same direction as I walk! I think I’ve found one direction makes me think a little about my ankle. . .

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