9 Weeks - 2 Sneakers* (Crutch assisted)

Well I had my follow-up with the doctor this past Tuesday and the latest incision from the inside suture removal has closed nicely. He chose to leave the outside stitches in 1 more week as a precaution, but allowed me to walk in 2 sneakers holding the crutches in case I needed them. [...]

What’s my next step?

So after having the internal sutures removed 1 week ago today, I have regular stitches in until Tuesday of this week.
I know my doctor is concerned with the wound reopening if I go into PT too soon so I am not exactly sure what my next step will be.
Has anyone had a similar [...]

A new cast (after 5 days)

Well prior to my latest surgery, I hadn’t eaten or had anything to drink for 24 hours so I was dehydrated, etc.  When they weighed me at the hospital prior to the surgery I was 6 pounds under my normal. 
I had the surgery last Friday and was placed in a new cast for 11 days…currently [...]

My story - a couple months late

First off, a big thank you to Dennis.  I have learned so much from this site and everyone’s encounters that it made mine that much easier to deal with. 
Feb 22nd - while playing dodgeball I ruptured my right achilles.  I had done a spin workout beforehand so I had stiffened up quite a bit and [...]

Hello world!

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