Basketball, it hurts so good.

*I can’t seem to get my pictures to resize. I’m working on it!

The gym was cold. It was 8 A.M on a Sunday. It was our first playoff game. I arrive late and made sure I stretched my lower back. I’ve had back problems in the past. I jump right into the game and ran back and forth for 15 mins. I went up for a rebound but the ball bounced funny off the rim and I immediately jumped again but I didn’t; I crumpled to the floor.

I knew what happened. I was dejected. I was supposed to go to Peru in two weeks. I work in the medical field so I was pretty sure of a rupture.

I went to work to right after to get an MRI; just to get the ball rolling. The ER doc came in, called me names, “damn weekend warrior” We laugh and he basically tells me that he won’t see me for a while.

I had my follow up meeting with the ortho surgeon on the coming up Tuesday. I was given two options; surgery or cast route. The decision was up to me and he didn’t pressure me one bit. I was already set on surgery so we set a date. Leap day. Feb the 29th.

I’m getting prepped for the procedure in same day surgery. The nurse comes by and gives me a sedative. I don’t feel anything. The anesthesiologist comes in and pokes around looking for which nerve to block. I felt my feet twitching and the next thing I know, I’m up in a daze. The surgery was done. I didn’t remember one thing.


So for the first 5 days post-op, I was literally on a couch in my moms living for 23.5 hrs a day. Just on my back.

14 days post-op I have my splint and sutures removed. FREE! my leg is FREE! skinnier but FREE!

Now I’m put in a cast. The cast felt so much better. It was slimmer, lighter, and had much more support. “see you in a month”. That’s too long to be in a plain white cast. Let me threw some paint on it. I’ll be a super hero for another week and then I get a boot. For me, the all so elusive boot…

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  1. My rupture was 3/12 playing basketball too! This staying home all the time is making me crazy! Yesterday the nurse told me to expect to be off work for 12 weeks?!?!

  2. there is nothing stoppping you from moving about and working as long as you work doesn’t involve walking all day long or standing all day long. all of the above is dependant on the level of comfort you have in crutches (or whatever other aid you may use), the cast/boot and how much swelling you may get.

    i was at work 10 days after the rupture, but i’m no-op and have a desk-based job


  3. I was not allowed back to work, not even on light duty. I can see how its feasible for desk jobs but I walk, pull, and push all day.

    @kauffmansarah - I know the feeling. I live by myself. I live on the third floor with no elevators so right after surgery I had no will to go out for anything. I had pizza delivered to me daily lol. That wasn’t too bad.

    @pozaicer - how is your recovery going?

  4. Thanks for asking. I’m week 16 ish. I’ve been walking from week 12. Started very badly but now unless I try to run I don’t really notice any difference. The sensations that you get as progress happens are rather weird and unexpected. In the last three days I’ve had some discomfort on the ankle bones (it feels that way) and today I woke up to the realisation that I can push off he toes and go up and down stairs using my toes. Also the calf is finally fully engaged (weak though)

    It really is a remarkable and speedy change from week 12. So keep the ears tuned to it and don’t worry about it

    I religiously so my physio everyday so that helps

    Keep the good work up!


  5. @pozaicer. My work place needs me back bad, they are short staff and I was one of their stronger workers. I told them I do not want to rush back and for them to give me at least a month with rehab. I want to be able to walk around with no limp, I don’t want to compensate because I don’t want to aggravate anything else.

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