Two shoes - official!

Had hospital appt on Wednesday and was at last told I can stop using the boot and go into two shoes - although had already been doing so in and around the house for some weeks.  Tendon still weaker than I would like but find myself walking with only an almost imperceptible limp.  Still nowhere near a single heel raise on the injured heel, but otherwise flexibility pretty good.  Am hanging on to the boot for the moment as have business trip to South africa a couple of weeks ahead and may need to walk quite a lot there so may take it over in my baggage as a standby.  Progress at this stage seems a little slow, but at least am now driving and walking reasonable distances so mobility is back which feels terrific.  Still a little awkward on steps and stairs and perhaps am over-cautious at times, but doubt that is a bad thing!

2 Responses to “Two shoes - official!”

  1. Stay cautious Lawwill. This is the most sensitive time– reintegration. You’re totally right! Keep that boot around for when you’re unsure and good luck on your trip :)

  2. I dream about two shoes again. I’ll need a new pair, as one shoe is wearing down fast. Good luck!

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