Another 4 weeks in boot!

Had hospital appt yesterday - seen by new doctor. Reckons progress is very good. Seemed impressed with dorsiflexion and general mobility in ankle, but even so said I should take another 3-4 weeks in boot. Given this is Britain’s NHS system unable to secure appt in 3 weeks so now due back in 4 weeks time when he reckons I’ll be able to progress to 2 shoes and says I should be walking reasonably in 3-4 days which seems a bit optimistic to me. Can’t say I’m too unhappy about additional time in boot as it somehow feels a lot safer. Even so have taken to walking around in bare feet a little more at home, but very cautiously as I guess peak period for re-rupture is in the next few weeks. Disturbingly Doc said my conservative treatment will still suggest a 20% chance of re-rupture after this period which isn’t necessarily what I’ve been reading here. He says self-repaired tendon remains weaker forever! Anyone have anything to refute this re conservative treatment?

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  1. The UWO Study disproves that. Norm will no doubt be along shortly to add more info but look for and read that to start with :-)

  2. Heres a case study 144 cases. 72 operative. 72 non operative.

    2 re-ruptures in the operative. 3 in the non operative.

    I make that 2.78% re-rupture rate for operative, and 4.17% for non operative.

    Along way short of the 20% you are talking about.

    Also. Look at complications in the operative group compared to the non op group. Some would say you and your doc took the sensible option.

    Good luck with your healing. Get some decent physio sorted for when you are out of the boot, and I am sure you will be fine.

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